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I had lunch today with one of my fierce busy business lady friends at a retro-cute (and apparently totes trendy) diner in the Meatpacking District. I had meatloaf (which was awight) and my busy business lady lunchmate had a Caesar salad (she did not say how it was).

It was fun to hang out with my busy business lady friend and gossip with her about random industry peeps that we know in common. We determined that most lots of peeps who work in advertising have very fragile egos and/or have adult-onset attention deficit disorder. Which makes our jobs super-glamorous, as you can imagine. Because we’re basically professional babysitters-slash-therapists-slash-resident shit eaters.

Really, our jobs are, like, painfully, ridiculously super-glamorous!!!

I have it on good authority that today is Chinese New Year. And by good authority, I mean my mother, who knows of such things, and by Chinese New Year, I mean the start of the Lunar Year of the Water Snake. Just yesterday I asked busy daddy if we had accidentally missed Chinese New Year and he said, “How am I supposed to know? You’re the resident Chinese person in our family.” And I was all, Oh. No. You. Didn’t. But then I realized that busy daddy was totes correct.

The Busy-Lazy boys usually try to get dim sum on Chinese New Year, but when we arrived at the Szechuan joint where we’ve had dim sum in the past, it turns out that they don’t do dim sum anymore. Wut!?! But no matter. We ordered a bunch of dishes, including ma po tofu (my favorite) and Peking Duck (which was delicious).

While the food was pretty good, it didn’t hit the spot like some good dim sum would have hit the spot. Also, the service at the restaurant was atrociously slow and absentminded. I don’t understand why Chinese eats are so bad in the northeast compared to Chinese eats on the west coast. I’m coming to the slow, sad realization that I don’t really like Chinese eats as much as I like Vietnamese eats or Korean eats. Sorry, mom.

It’s been awhile since we’ve had yummy Korean eats, so we decided to hit up our favorite Korean joint for a quik-e lunch. I took advantage of the fact that I barely have any sense of smell or taste (because of my sinus infection) by ordering a bowl of super-extra-spicy miso soondubo

We’ve been taking the boy to this Korean restaurant since he was a wee baby, and by his own admission, it’s his favorite restaurant, ever. I can always count on him to finish everything on his plate when we eat there—from the kim chee to the seafood pajun to the kalbi.

With the soondubo, I’ll crack a raw egg into the piping-hot tofu stew and let it cook in the stone bowl. It’s the boy’s favorite part of the meal. I told him that today’s tofu stew was especially spicy, but he said he’d have it anyway. He had a bite and said, “Dad, this isn’t even spicy at all!” And I said, I think you don’t know what the word spicy means. And the boy said, “Well, it still tastes delicious!” The boy was right.

Since it was only a half day at school today, I had the added pleasure of having a rare weekday lunch with my family. I might have gone a little bit mental and purchased Way Too Many Provisions for the weekend. I mean, the storm is supposed to end tomorrow, but I bought enough food to make meals for the next two weeks. Oh well.

For lunch, I made bun-less burgers with fontina cheese, grilled onions, and sautéed mushrooms, topped with gluten-free macaroni and cheese. Busy daddy said the mac & cheese burger was yum! The boy said the burger part of the mac & cheese burger was blech, but he liked the mac & cheese. I have no idea how the mac & cheese burger tasted because I’ve pretty much lost all sense of taste and smell, thanks to my ongoing sinus infection. I guess our lunch was awight? Who knows?

EDIT: I also put some tater tots in the oven for lunch, but I forgot about them, and by the time I remembered, they were basically little charcoal bricks, so we passed on those.

I had a nice lunch today with a busy business lady friend at the local bar & grill near my office. I had a bun-less burger, natch, while she had a Caesar salad with grilled shrimp. We talked about the usual busy business lady shizz.

My growing suspicion that work doesn’t necessarily need to be a thankless grind super-glamorous joyride seems to be confirmed with each successive lunch date that I’ve had over the past few weeks with various busy business lady friends and colleagues. Sure, all jobs have their fair share of TPS reports and QED reports and back-stabbing betches like resident office troll Carolyn, but I’m pretty sure that work can (and probably should) be fun.

It’s possible that I’m in the wrong line of business. That, or I’m just getting too old for all of this busy business lady shizz. At least lunch was yum!

Because I’m boring and/or afraid of change, today I had virtually the same thing that I had for lunch yesterday, only at a different joint and with a different busy business lady friend. I mentioned to my busy business lady lunchmate that I was going to take a pic of my lunch so that I could blog about it later, which inevitably opened up the conversation to the fact that I have a blog.

My busy business lady friend asked, “What’s your blog about?” And I was all, Um, I guess my blog is about food and being a dad and mustaches and stuff. And my busy business lady friend was all, “Oh … well … that sounds … interesting.”

It’s funny because I had been pretty disciplined about keeping my life as a Glamorous Busy Business Lady and my life as an Awesome Fake-Mustachioed Dad Blogger separate, but lately the line seems to be blurring more and more because, you know, #yolo. I’m quickly discovering that coming out as a blogger is almost as harrowing as coming out as gay.

When I tell people that I write a daily blog, they’re usually like, “Well, maybe it’s just a phase?” Or they’re all, “Have you tried actually writing something real, like a book or something?” And I’m all, Why can’t everypony just accept me the way that the goddess made me! Sheesh! And then I blog about my feels and stuff.

Meanwhile, there’s a distinct possibility that my busy business lady lunchmate might visit my blog and think to himself, “Hey! I’m not a busy business lady! I’m a busy businessman!” By way of explanation, on Lazy Dad’s Guide, busy business lady is a gender neutral term, kind of like dude or bro or hot mess. This might help explain things further.

Fun fact: my busy business lady lunchmate today is the uncle-in-law of my best pal editor mommy. Small world, amirite?

I had a nice leisurely lunch with one of my busy business lady friends at a swank Midtown brasserie today. Despite my generally anti-social disposition, I’ve decided that it’s fun to go out for lunch sometimes, especially when it’s with a busy business lady who is actually my friend and stuff. We both had rotisserie chicken and fries, which was yum.

My busy business lady friend and I talked about the usual busy business lady shizz, and I’m quickly discovering that most busy business ladies’ lives are at least 63 percent more glamorous than my life. Whatevs.

I had a lovely, not-so-busy business lady lunch with my pal vpowinsf at what is quickly becoming my new favorite restaurant near my office. Thank the goddess that the joint is only a few blocks away because it is cold in New York City today!

It’s been ages since I’ve had the chance to hang out with vpowinsf, so we caught up on all of the real-life craziness and shizz that doesn’t ever make it on to our blogs. When our food arrived (I had bacon risotto and vpowinsf had a grilled ham & cheese sammie), we couldn’t resist taking out our iPhones and taking pics of our lunches—like last time—because we’re Asians and stuff.

I guess you can take Asians to restaurants, but you can’t keep them from immediately Instagramming their meals, yo.

I had a nice, leisurely lunch meeting with an old busy business lady friend of mine at one of my favorite cheap-e sushi restaurants in the city. I suggested the place because it’s roughly halfway between her office and my mine, but then she mentioned that she doesn’t really eat sushi, so I was all, Um, yikes, maybe we can go someplace else? But it turns out the place was OK because neither of us had planned to eat sushi anyway, so whatevs.

As I was waiting for my friend to arrive, I snapped a pic of a sign outside of the restaurant that supposedly illustrates what the eats look like. I’ll tell you what, I’ve been going to this place for the past three years and I’ve never seen a platter of sushi that looked anything remotely like what the picture above showed. I would call false advertising, but really, who cares? The eats are good and cheap.

My busy business lady friend and I both had shrimp tempura bentos and pretty much avoided the sushi all together. I think I liked the tempura better than my busy business lady friend did because she pretty much just pushed her food around in the bento box. We did, however, have a nice chat about our kids and about work and the usual blah blah blah.

I’m quickly coming to the conclusion that busy business ladies the world over pretty much do the same thing. What makes a gig good or bad totes depends on whether the other busy business ladies that you work with are either tolerable or annoying. I hate to admit it, but maybe all busy business ladies—in general—are annoying? Like, being annoying is written into our job descriptions? Oh well.