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I don’t know whether Stu mentioned to you or not, but yesterday as we all sat eating our lunch, we realised we had disappointed you. He said, “Oh man, Lazydad would be so disappointed right now. None of us took a picture of our lunch.” We are a bunch of greedy buggers! And for that we are all sorry :( Haha. Hope you’re well :)

Ack! I would be especially devastated if I found out that you were all sitting around eating some delicious Haggis, which I know is grumpydad’s most favorite meal of all time!

Avril, your apology I gladly accept, but Stu’s, I’m not so sure. 

Legit Tumblr crushes:

  • Mom’s Zilla: Because I can’t resist a hot tattooed mama with a hapa kid.
  • disco-ball-dad: Because I can’t resist a smart, hot dad.
  • Ke Love: Because I can’t resist beautiful photography, a hot mom with a hapa kid and a Triumph motorbike.
  • Nikki Doughnuts: Because I can’t resist a well-dressed man with tattoos who makes cheesecake and works for freakin’ LEGO.
  • Blue Sunday: Because I can’t resist a hot Scottish mama with a hapa kid.
  • TheSahmmy: Because I can’t resist a hot mama who’s funny and smart.
  • From Piercings to Pacifiers: Because in an alternate universe I am Nathan VanStory.
  • John and Edward Plus One: Because I know what John and Edward are going through (and I imagine they are hot).
  • I Want the Lion’s Share:  Because I can’t resist a hot punk rock mama who bakes.

The operative terms appear to be hot, baking, and hapa kids.