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Guess who got a confirmed seat on the next flight to Montréal? This guy.

Thanks Schmunited Airlines! Even though the gate clerks were super-rude and dismissive, even though I was laying on the charm as if I gave a shizz even though I don’t but pretending to be nice and/or trying does go a long way, amirite?

Somewhat unsurprisingly, my early morning flight to Montréal was cancelled, and I was rebooked on a late afternoon flight. But that would’ve been useless, since I have a Very Important Meeting in Montréal at 1:00 PM.

Thankfully, the nice peeps at Schmunited Airlines put me on standby for a slightly earlier flight, which should get me up north by noon-ish. When I woke up this morning at the butt-crack of dawn, I considered driving all the way to Montréal, but then I had a cuppa Joe and came to my senses.

Since I’m still on antibiotics and I’m required to take my meds on a full stomach, I had to find whatever airport grub I could find. The results don’t look too promising. Whoever is working on that teleporter machine, please get on that shizz, stat, cuz this business air travel ridiculousness is for the birds.

In my haste to answer daughterofthebeard‘s question about Dad 2.0 Summit, I neglected to mention probably the Single Most Important Reason to Attend the Conference.

To quote electradaddy: “Dad 2.0 Summit is awight, but the only reason why anyone should attend the meeting is to stalk rub up against shake hands with the totes dreamy Charlie from How2BeADad cuz that man is not only totes dreamy, but also smart and funny and has the softest lips of any straight dude in America. Or so I’ve been told.”

I was inspired by themamalogues.

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Are you tired of Dad2.0Summit questions yet? Also, as a non-monetized blog, I was wondering if there is any purpose to going for me (or others like me) other than to say I met Charlie from HowToBeaDad. I mean, that is a pretty good reason but still, I guess my assumption is that it is primarily about how to grow your audience, get sponsors, and make more money off your blog. Am I wrong?

Hey daddy of all beards! I’m not at all tired of getting Dad 2.0 Summit questions and I’m happy to answer all of them! I’ll tuck my response under the jump so that those of you who are all, “Who care’s about that stoopid dad blogging conference thing, yo!!!” can simply move on. (Sorry if you’re seeing this via mobile and are subjected to reading this!!!)


OK, you bring up a great point, namely about being a “just-for-kicks-not-for-moola” kinda blog. I consider myself to be in the same hobbyist camp of bloggers. Honestly, there’s nothing I find more annoying than blogs that are covered with banner ads or blogs that primarily feature sponsored posts where the bloggers are yammering on about random products or giveaways that I Don’t Care Anything About. Barf.

Obvs, there’s nothing wrong with having that kinda blog, but it’s just not my cuppa lukewarm water. I like blogs that tell personal, authentic stories. My favorite blogs are written by peeps who hold back—just a little—so I have to constantly work to figure out what’s coming up next or what’s around the corner. I’m interested in people and their stories, not what they’re hawking.

Sure, Dad 2.0 Summit is designed to connect bloggers (specifically dad bloggers) with brands, but it’s not just about commerce. In fact, the hard reality is that very few blogs actually make it as sustainable businesses. Good on those peeps who can make a buck or two from their blogs and can do so with integrity. For the majority of us, though, blogging is about the love of storytelling or finding community or simply goofing around.

While some of the programming at Dad 2.0 Summit cover things like connecting with brands and how to maximize SEO to gain followers, a big chunk of the programming showcases the writing and stories of peeps just like us: regular dads who like to tell stories about our lives and our kids. There are also workshops on design and photography, and sessions about parenthood and work/life balance that we can all relate to. The keynote speakers often provide inspiring stories about their work, but more so they tell stories about what it means to live in our complicated world as parents, on top of all of our other obligations.

The community component of Dad 2.0 Summit has really been invaluable to me, and not because I’m an especially active participant in the community, because I’m not. But I know if I needed perspective or advice or a pat on the back, I can always turn to the community that’s been created and they’ll always welcome me back with open arms.

Dad 2.0 Summit has an active Facebook page and Summit Alum page, if you’re into that kind of thing, and the guys who participate are all really nice. So, really, Dad 2.0 Summit is less about making money from your blog (although that track is available, if you want it), but more about finding like-minded peeps who are interested in being engaged with their families and their work.

I’ve been thinking about a post that my Tumblr buddy imfeelingrandy posted last night about meeting people. I think Randy’s post was kinda sorta about loneliness, but, really, I think it was more about friendship. I think for guys, after a certain age, especially after settling down and having kids, it’s really hard to make new friends. It’s weird to walk up to another random guy and say, “Hey, let’s be friends!” Cuz that random guy would probably think that you’re a freak or something.

I dunno, maybe I’m wrong, but it seems to me like women are probably better at putting themselves out there and making new friendships, but us guys tend to dig in our heels and focus on work and family, and then suddenly we realize that we forgot to sustain our friendships or make new ones. Maybe it’s just me.

I’ve met some really nice peeps at Dad 2.0 Summit, many of whom I see only once a year. But each year we pick up where we left off and it’s great. The reason why I shill so much for Dad 2.0 Summit, which I do on my own, not because they’ve asked me to, is because there are so many Tumblr peeps that I would love to meet in real life because I think we would be friends, and if going to a conference about dads and blogging is a way to get Tumblr peeps together, then that’s pretty cool.

Otherwise, I think it would be cool if we could arrange a massive Tumblr meetup-slash-party somewhere (like, in San Francisco!) and we would each invite 10 Tumblr “friends” that we know only online but have never met IRL. And each of us would have to introduce our 10 friends to 10 more peeps at the party. I think that would be pretty cool!

Sorry, I forgot what your question was. But thanks for your question!

LazyDad what is it that you do? I’ve been following you for quite some time, and your busy jet-set lifestyle seems like a ton of fun!

Hey, guurrl, hey! Thanks for the long-time follow, sorry to waste your time! My super-glamorous jet-set life really isn’t as fun as it might seem. Unless you like airport food and sleepless nights, then it’s da bomb! And by da bomb, I mean it’s awight.

I work for a global design and technology consultancy, where I get to do super-interesting things like write communications plans and build presentations in Keynote and PowerPoint and meet with reporters and such to sell my company.

For shizz and giggz, I sometimes write stuff, too. I’m kinda sort of a recovering journalist-slash-former playwright and/or screenwriter-slash-failed poet, but I like to think of myself as a Jack-of-No-Trades and a master of nothin’ but twerking, obvs.

Thanks for your question!

Despite my initial reservations about having to serve jury duty, it turned out to be awight. In fact, I was really impressed by all of the peeps working at the courthouse, who maintained their professionalism and good humor throughout. It was like a master class in crowd control.

I was somewhat less impressed by the jury of peers. I mean, some peeps were normal and stuff, but so many of them looked like they were lost and/or possibly inebriated, and wandered into the juror holding pen by accident. Plus, it’s amazing how few peeps actually listen and/or read instructions. When we were dismissed, the clerks “suggested” that we leave in an orderly manner, but it turned into a free-for-all cluster fudge that resulted in a 20-minute pile-up to get out the door, and then a 45-minute pile-up to get out of the parking lot.

The good news is that I wasn’t ever assigned to a case! Werk. The even gooder news is that I don’t have to serve tomorrow because of reasons! Double werk.

As if my week couldn’t get any more stoopid, I’ve been summoned for jury duty today and tomorrow. Granted, I’m a believer in doing my civic duty and stuff, but schlepping all the way to the county courthouse this morning was a Big Fat Drag. Like, the courthouse is only five miles from my house, but it took nearly an hour to drive here cuz yesterday’s snowstorm made the roads a mess and also rendered most drivers in the Garden State into complete morons.

I’m hoping that I get dismissed on account of my bad attitude and/or the fact that I am contagious and stuff. At least there’s wifi in the waiting room. I guess I’ll try to get some work done?

Let me preface by saying that I am (generally) adverse to joining things like “groups” and/or “clubs” that include “people” who apparently share common “interests” and/or “stuff” as me. As noted American philosopher and mustachioed funny guy Groucho Marx once kinda sorta opined, “Why would I wanna hang with peeps who would wanna hang with me, yo?”

I dunno, I guess I’m just antisocial and/or a bit neurotic and stuff. So sue me, sheesh!!!

But here are five reasons why I always make room on my calendar to attend Dad 2.0 Summit, and why you should maybe consider going, too:

  1. Writing and/or blogging can be lonely business, and finding a community of peeps who understand that the struggle is real is surprisingly life affirming. Honestly, I don’t know why the nice peeps at Dad 2.0 Summit even let me into the room, but they have always done so with open arms, even though I’m basically a weirdo.
  2. Everyone at Dad 2.0 Summit is kinda sort of a weirdo in their own way. I probably give myself too much credit for being weird, but the truth is, even the most “normal-looking” dad blogger probably feels like an outsider sometimes. The guys (and some of the gals) at Dad 2.0 Summit really go out of their way to ensure that everyone is included. That is, except for the (rare) creeps who don’t, but who cares about those creeps, amirite?
  3. Three days of hanging with a bunch of weirdo dad bloggers is invigorating. Like, sometimes blogging is a drag and stuff, but meeting and learning from such a diverse array of other writers-slash-bloggers is amazingly nurturing.
  4. Not all dad bloggers who attend Dad 2.0 Summit are upper-middle-class white dudes who live in Uppityville with their attorney wives and 2.5 kids. OK, lots of Dad 2.0 Summit attendees just happen to be upper-middle-class white dudes who live in Uppityville with their attorney wives and 2.5 kids, but don’t hold it against them. In fact, I realize that my anti-establishment bias can be just as damaging as I perceive the establishment bias can be. I’ve learned that some of the nicest, smartest, most-open-minded peeps happen to be upper-middle-class white dudes, and that’s cool.
  5. I always attain a renewed sense of purpose and direction. Cuz sometimes most times I have no idea what I’m doing on my blog or why I’m doing it or who even reads this shizz. But after coming home from Dad 2.0 Summit, I realize that none of my own neurotic fears matter so much. Spending the weekend with a bunch of guys where we get to talk and laugh and cry together can be cathartic and inspirational.

My favorite part of this year’s Dad 2.0 Summit was having the opportunity to hang with Tumblr dad bloggers who I don’t think I would’ve ever had the chance to meet IRL under ordinary circumstances.

  • I found a new friend in asimpledad, who couldn’t be smarter or funnier or nicer.
  • It’s always a joy to see electradaddy in all of his electra-tasticness.
  • I’m so glad to have met PunkDad (and Catrina, too!) in person and I can’t wait to see what Nathan has up his tattooed sleeve for the future of his blog.
  • I gained a renewed love and admiration for Charlie from How2BeADad, whose soulfulness runs much deeper than his pretty face might suggest. (Although I’m sure electradaddy would say that Charlie’s pretty face helps.)
  • And even though I often rib him for laffs, my genuine respect for thedaddycomplex knows no bounds cuz without his persistent cheerleading and rabble-rousing on behalf of so many of us, I don’t think the Tumblr parent blogging contingent would’ve had the voice that we had this year.

I hope some of you Tumblr dad (and mom) bloggers will consider going to next year’s Dad 2.0 Summit. Seriously, you will learn a lot. Minimally, you’ll get to meet and hang with great peeps as well as get some pretty cool freebie schwag. If you buy your tix for next year’s confab by midnight tonight, you’ll get the crazy-low-won’t-last-long discount price of 99 bucks. That’s, like, eight Vente Lattes at Starbucks, yo!

I’m pretty sure it’s not normal to feel like warmed-over crap, so I put on my big guurrl pants and went to the doctor this morning. You’d think that I’d be used to visiting the doctor and shizz, since my father and all of my uncles and my grandfather are-slash-were doctors, but I’ll tell you what, I’m not a big fan of going to the doctor because of reasons.

After an exam that included a swab of my throathole, the doctor determined that I don’t have the flu (werk), but I do have Strep Throat (sad face). I mentioned that my kid has been feeling under the weather lately, too, and the doctor insisted that I bring the boy in for a check up.

So after a hectic day of running around, driving in, like, a foot of snow, I finally brought the boy for an exam at the end of the day. Sure enough, the boy tested positive for Strep, too!!! Apparently Strep turns full-grown men into achy-breaky crybabies, but doesn’t seem to bother kids as much.

Now the boy and I are each on 10-day cycles of antibiotics. We are avoiding busy daddy so that he doesn’t catch the plague from us. Did I mention that busy daddy had Strep Throat, like, a month ago? Who’s the Typhoid Mary, now!?!?!