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legosupercycleAfter dinner and homework, busy daddy went to yoga, so the boy and I started building the awesome LEGO Super Cycle Chase set that we got over the weekend. While we were working on the set, the boy said, “Dad, I was playing Pixel Gun online with my friend and a girl we didn’t know asked if she could play with us.” And I said, That’s nice. And the boy said, “But when she got killed, she told us that she was going to call the police because we killed her.” And I said, Isn’t shooting your opponent the point of the game? And the boy said, “Yeah, but the girl kinda freaked out and said we shouldn’t kill her, but then she would’ve just killed us.”

And I said, Well, sometimes people have terrible lives and they make up rules that don’t apply to them, but they expect everyone else to abide by their stupid rules. And the boy said, “What should I do?” And I said, Just don’t play with that stupid girl. And the boy said, “But she keeps interrupting our game.” And I said, Ask her nicely to leave you alone. And the boy said, “I did, but she wouldn’t stop.” And I said, Then all bets are off and you should destroy her because she is clearly an attention-seeking moron who doesn’t have any friends, and someone needs to put her in her place before she does the same thing to someone else.

And the boy said, “Are we still talking about the same thing?” And I said, Probably not.

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Designing daddy and business papa hosted a LEGO party at the Château. And by LEGO party, I mean it was a wine tasting party, featuring drunken LEGO building.

Meanwhile, the kids were all, “Ugh. Old people building LEGO while they’re drunk. I can’t.” And then the kids went to play with their iPads.