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What we’re eating


It’s been awhile since I’ve actually been at home on a Friday night, so it was nice to have an honest-to-goodness Friday movie night with busy daddy and the boy. Actually, we saw a matinée of the LEGO Movie cuz I’m still feeling like kaka-doodie and I’m planning to be in bed by 8:00 PM, so whatevs. I guess our entire town also decided to see the matinée of the LEGO Movie cuz the theater was a cluster fudge of peeps and we ended up getting terrible seats in the very front row.

But no matter. The LEGO Movie was fantastic and highly recommended! For the past week, the boy has been singing this kinda sorta insipid song, but it turns out that the song is supposed to be insipid. And totes catchy. It’s like an ear worm that burrows into your brain once you hear it. I’m actually singing that shizz right now!


Since we’ve been holed up at home for the past few days, we decided to step out for a quik-e bite at a local Middle Eastern-slash-falafel joint. We’ve been there before, and the eats are always yum, but today we met the owner, who is super-sweet, and her welcoming attitude makes us want to go back again soon.

Busy daddy ordered a plate of falafel and a side of sweet potato fries, which I was told were deloycious, but who knows since I haven’t had much of an appetite lately. The boy said the eats were awight, but I think it’s only because he wanted hummus instead falafel. Next time.

Busy daddy and I told a story to the boy about how when we were grad students-slash-starving artists living in New York City, we used to eat $1 dollar falafel for dinner all of the time because that’s what we could afford. The boy said, “That sounds like a cheap date!” And I said, You’re telling me. Busy daddy reserved comment.

Our lunch at the Factory consisted of their World Famous plain bowtie pasta with butter and Parmesan cheese for the boy, and a Mexican-ish egg scramble with carnitas and a spicy green chili sauce for me. It was pretty good!

We’re on the hunt for a birthday present for the boy’s friend Eli, whose birthday party is next weekend. I guess that means we’ll have to pay a visit to the LEGO store, which is killing the both of us. And by killing the both of us, I mean we’ll probably end up buying a birthday present for Eli and buy a bunch of other things for ourselves.

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On the way to our usual Saturday pho lunch, I was complaining to busy daddy that it seems like all of the so-called fancy business meals that I have with executives are at Italian joints. I guess I like Italian eats as much as the next guy, which is to say, I’m not a big fan of Americanized Italian eats.

Busy daddy was all, “Yeah, Italian eats are kinda sorta boring. Hey, maybe we should have pizza instead of pho today!” And the boy was all, “Um, no. I can’t.” The boy’s vote was overruled, so we uncharacteristically had Italian eats for our Saturday lunch at a local tavern. It was actually really good! The boy admitted that he enjoyed his meal, even though he said he would have preferred pho instead.

My kid is trying out this new behavioral technique that I like to call “Seven-Year-Old Belligerence and Defiance.” Apparently, he thinks that being an uncooperative jerk to his parents and his nanny will result in him getting what he wants and stuff. Little does he know that homie don’t play dat game. Like, at all.

I’ve been away from home for, like, 36 hours and I feel like I walked into a maelstrom of bad-attitude-kid crap. Meanwhile, when I got home, I overheard the boy’s friend on speakerphone saying, “My parents are getting annoyed that whenever I call your house, you’re not available when I am.”

First of all, the Busy-Lazy family is not responsible for entertaining whiny, obnoxious brats just cuz their parents don’t want to entertain their own whiny, obnoxious brats. Secondly, the boy’s friend’s parents can kiss my unavailable ass. This is what happens when Uppityville peeps move to Uppityville-adjacent towns like ours, sheesh.

To pay penance for his bad-attitude, busy daddy and I forced the boy to have Mexican eats for dinner. That’ll show the boy who’s the boss.

If I’ve learned anything in my travels to Canada, it’s that there’s really no such thing as bad poutine. Even awight airport poutine is better than no poutine. Which is to say, poutine is probably as close to foolproof yums as, say, somethin’ like Chicago-style deep dish pizza or extra-spicy buffalo wings, amirite?

I probably shoulda had a salad before boarding my flight.

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After work, the general manager of my company’s Montréal office took me and my busy business lady colleague from Toronto out for some yum eats.

While all of the Asian eats in Toronto are some of the best that I’ve ever had, the Asian eats I’ve had in Montréal have just been meh. Meanwhile, the French and Italian eats in Montréal are deloycious! I’m not sure that I’d go out of my way to have foie gras at home, but I try to have it whenever I’m in Montréal (or Paris) cuz apparently the French know how to do foie gras.

Coincidentally, everyone got gnocchi for their entrées. The portion was teeny-tiny, but it was really good!

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I dunno, my first day of jury duty has been awight. I mean, I was pretty much dreading the whole thing, but I’ll tell you what, the system is really orderly and the peeps who work at the courthouse have been universally courteous and professional. I expected the worse, like, DMV-level of rudeness and incompetence, but so far it’s been the complete opposite. Bravo to the Essex County court system for having your shizz together.

At noon, all of us jurors were dismissed for a lunch break, so I had to find some grub on the mean streets of Brick City. Coincidentally, busy daddy was called in for jury duty a few months ago, and he found a Korean joint that he liked. Amazingly, he remembered what the place was called, so he texted me the coordinates.

It’s a teeny-tiny hole-in-the-wall that serves the usual “salad bar” crap, but they also have a sushi-slash-ramen-slash-soup bar. I ordered the traditional soondobu, which was surprisingly deloycious. The antibiotics that I’m taking are doing a number on my bod. And by a number, I mean the antibiotics are upsetting my tummy and making me feel kinda sorta loopy. Hopefully that’ll pass soon.

It would be great if there was a nap room at the courthouse for jurors cuz I could totes use a nap right now.

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The Busy-Lazy boys had yum Korean eats for lunch to celebrate the Lunar New Year. We got our usual soondobu and fried mandoo, which were deloycious.

I was gonna tell y’all a story about how the boy is currently obsessed with the notion of “Opposite Day,” so anything you say has the opposite meaning of what you actually said.

Like, if you’re jealous of someone’s mad math skillz (which is apparently a coveted skill among the Busy-Lazy boys), then you’re not jealous, even if you really are jealous. But the story and the game—which we played all through lunch—are both so convoluted and I can’t construct a coherent sentence right now, on account of the cold meds that I’m taking, so I’m just gonna take a nap now.