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I’m pretty sure that the mall is one of the Saddest Places on Earth. It’s actually surprisingly empty today, which is mostly what makes the place so sad. There are a hundred stores here and nothin’ to buy.

Apparently the most popular stores at the mall are the LEGO store and Hot Topic. The new LEGO Movie sets are pretty awesome, so we picked up a few. Meanwhile, they ran out of the black mesh leggings that I had my eye on at Hot Topic, so I bought a studded black faux-leather mini-skirt instead. It’s awight.

The boy said, “Shopping at the mall sux. We should just shop online.” I couldn’t disagree with him.

EDIT: I realize that some humorless, self-righteous trolls might take what I say literally. Cuz trolls are stoopid. I didn’t buy a studded black faux-leather mini-skirt at Hot Topic. It’s real leather, obvs.