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Somewhere between the LEGO store and the mall parking lot, I apparently lost my glasses. I only noticed cuz when we got into the car, I was checking my phone to see what the weather was gonna be later this afternoon and I realized that I couldn’t see what was going on.

If anyone happened to be trolling the mall (you know, the one with the LEGO store?) and found an errant pair of brown Warby Parker “Wilkie” frames this afternoon, lemme know? I dunno, they were cheap, so whatevs.

I figured that it would probably be useful to be able to read and/or see shizz at work this week, so the boy and I went back to the local eyeglass emporium at the mall so that I could pick up a pair of quik-e glasses. I’ll tell you what, when they said my glasses would be ready in an hour or so, they weren’t kidding!

As a bonus, the boy got his hurr did while we were waiting for my glasses to be finished. Turns out those eyeglass jockeys are pretty good a cutting hair, too. Who knew?

I dunno, it’s weird to sleep in a bed without having to accommodate a partner and a kid and some pups and various and sundry bed-related accoutrement. Despite the luxury of having a bed to myself, I end up sleeping on the same teeny-tiny sliver that I usually sleep on at home.

I woke up with a super-sore throat and a throbbing headache, both of which I blame on air travel and/or too much work and not enough fluids.

I’ve been puttering around my hotel room for the past three hours debating whether I should show up early for my 8:30 AM breakfast meeting or just stay in my room and feel sorry for myself. The latter won out.

I guess the Winter Olympics starts today? Who knew?

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I dunno why, but VPNing into my company network from my sister’s house has been kinda sorta spotty, so it’s been a bit of a crawl to get online and get any work done. While I was slogging away at some work-related shizz, I got a text from the boy asking if I arrived at SFO and if I wanted to FaceTime chat with him.

And so I pinged him.

Here’s the thing about FaceTiming with my seven-year-old son: he barely pays any attention to our conversation, he spins his iPad around so I have no idea what’s going on, and then we invariably end up having a staring contest for five minutes before we end the FaceTime call. Good times.

I heard it’s gonna snow over the next few days back home. Ugh. I hope I can fly back later this week.