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snowdayThe weather forecast calls for another few inches of snow later this afternoon, which sounds like a joy. And by joy, I mean, we already have at least two feet of snow accumulated in our front and back yards, so what’s an additional two or three inches gonna do, amirite? I dunno about you, but I’m done with winter, officially. I know peeps always complain about cold weather during the winter as if it’s a surprise, but I’m pretty sure this winter will go down in the annals of bad weather as one of the worst. Couple the bad weather with the excessive amounts of travel I’ve had to do for work lately and it’s basically a recipe for a really ticked off lazy dad.

Meanwhile, busy daddy and the boy can’t seem to get enough of the snow. They decided to burrow a few snow tunnels in our front yard because of course they did. Just watching them play outside in the snow made me tired, sheesh.


It’s been awhile since I’ve actually been at home on a Friday night, so it was nice to have an honest-to-goodness Friday movie night with busy daddy and the boy. Actually, we saw a matinée of the LEGO Movie cuz I’m still feeling like kaka-doodie and I’m planning to be in bed by 8:00 PM, so whatevs. I guess our entire town also decided to see the matinée of the LEGO Movie cuz the theater was a cluster fudge of peeps and we ended up getting terrible seats in the very front row.

But no matter. The LEGO Movie was fantastic and highly recommended! For the past week, the boy has been singing this kinda sorta insipid song, but it turns out that the song is supposed to be insipid. And totes catchy. It’s like an ear worm that burrows into your brain once you hear it. I’m actually singing that shizz right now!

My kid is trying out this new behavioral technique that I like to call “Seven-Year-Old Belligerence and Defiance.” Apparently, he thinks that being an uncooperative jerk to his parents and his nanny will result in him getting what he wants and stuff. Little does he know that homie don’t play dat game. Like, at all.

I’ve been away from home for, like, 36 hours and I feel like I walked into a maelstrom of bad-attitude-kid crap. Meanwhile, when I got home, I overheard the boy’s friend on speakerphone saying, “My parents are getting annoyed that whenever I call your house, you’re not available when I am.”

First of all, the Busy-Lazy family is not responsible for entertaining whiny, obnoxious brats just cuz their parents don’t want to entertain their own whiny, obnoxious brats. Secondly, the boy’s friend’s parents can kiss my unavailable ass. This is what happens when Uppityville peeps move to Uppityville-adjacent towns like ours, sheesh.

To pay penance for his bad-attitude, busy daddy and I forced the boy to have Mexican eats for dinner. That’ll show the boy who’s the boss.