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One of the nice things about SFO (among many nice things about SFO) is the revolving art show in the walkway at Terminal 3. The current exhibit, Japanese Toys! From Kokeshi to Kaiju, showcases a retrospective of Japanese toys throughout the centuries. It’s neat stuff and worth a look-see if you find yourself waiting for your flight at SFO.

Speaking of flights departing from SFO, the redeye that I took last night was weird on a number of fronts:

  • Although the flight was scheduled to depart at 10:30 PM PDT, they started boarding at 9:15 PM, which seemed super-early. Plus, nearly everyone who boarded was in either group one or group two. What’s the point of separating passengers into boarding groups if it’s just a giant cluster fudge of peeps?
  • The flight was crazy-full. Like, packed to the gills. Like, not a single empty seat on the plane. The good news is I had an aisle seat. Werk. The bad news is my two seatmates were huge, so I was basically pushed to the outer edge of my seat. I pretty much sat in the aisle for the entire cross-country flight.
  • An hour into the flight, there was some kind of medical emergency with a passenger sitting two rows ahead of me. The flight attendant got on the intercom and asked if there were any medical professionals onboard. Luckily, there was. I dunno what happened to the guy, but he seemed to be OK after they gave him oxygen and/or whatevs.
  • I actually got about two hours of sleep on the plane! Werk. Still, I’m pretty pooped.
  • Gosh, it’s super cold in the northeast. I already miss the near-perfect San Francisco weather.