valentine's-dayThe boy’s school winter break (which starts tomorrow) happens to coincide with Valentine’s Day this year,  so I thought we were in the clear for having to provide Valentine’s Day crap for the boy’s classmates. Turns out the boy’s class is having its classroom VD party today, which means we had to scramble this morning to pull together cards and stuff for the boy’s teachers and classmates. Luckily, I bought an adorbz  set of Star Wars-themed VD cards a while back, so the boy won’t be the only kid in class who doesn’t participate in the treacle.

I guess I’m as romantical as the next dude, which is to say probably not much, thus I have mixed feelings about inculcating my son into a practice as schmaltzy and commerce-driven as Valentine’s Day. Call me a curmudgeon, but I think we should be careful with our love. Real love isn’t something that we should toss around as if it comes in unlimited supply. I’m not talking about like or whatevs, which is fine to share in abundance, but real, true love is precious and we should limit the love we share with only those we actually love.

I’m probably projecting a bit. I’m glad that my son has a seemingly unlimited supply of love, but I don’t want him to give out his love so easily to peeps who don’t return it. TBH, some of the boy’s classmates just aren’t love-worthy cuz they are mini-douchebags. And yet, there we were this morning, writing out love letters to a bunch of jerks.

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