Monthly Archives: January 2014

I dunno, just hanging out with a bunch of random peeps in New Orleans, NBD. I was gonna PhotoShop myself so I didn’t look like a Lilliputian Lumberjack standing next to asimpledad, but then I was all, Whatevs. The camera don’t lie and stuff.


Hey guys! I finally met PunkDad this morning! Naturally, we immediately ripped off our shirts and had a muscleman pose-off on Bourbon Street because of course we did!

My flight to New Orleans is delayed, like, more than an hour, so I’m chillaxing with the huddled masses at the airport. I’ve decided that I kinda sorta hate the huddled masses cuz they are stoopid.

Speaking of stoopid: I left my phone in busy daddy’s car when he dropped me off at the airport, so I had to find a pay phone and have him turn around and drop off my phone. Thank the goddess that pay phones still exist. Double thanks that American pay phones accept Canadian quarters cuz those were the only ones that I had.

Extra stoopid points: nowhere at the airport do they sell ice cream. What kinda rinky-dink operation doesn’t sell ice cream, amirite? My mood would be 54 percent better if I had some ice cream in me.

Gosh, I’m already pooped and I haven’t even left town yet, sheesh.

After a busy day at work, I took the boy out for some quik-e Thai eats before I have to get on a plane headed to Dad 2.0 Summit. While we were at dinner, minding our own beeswax, I got an e-mail alert telling me that my flight to New Orleans is delayed because of reasons. Which means I’ll probably arrive sometime between 11:00 PM and 1:00 AM. 

Hopefully it’s starting to warm up down south cuz it’s wicked cold in the northeast today!

If you’ve ever wondered where I picked up all of my mad dance skillz, look no further than this awesome instructional video from noted American philanthropist and contemporary dance guru, Contemporary Eric, who teaches the 15 Essential Moves in All Contemporary Dance Routines.

I am partial to The Pewp, The Seriously Get Your Damn Hands Off of Me, and The Go to Sleep Betch moves. Don’t be surprised if you see me on the next season of So You Think You Can Dance because of course!!!

Let’s say you have one of those super-glamorous gigs where you usually spend 75 percent of your time on the road, and then by happenstance, on one of those 25 percent days when you’re working from your home office, your kid is sick, so he’s been couch surfing in his pajamas all day, listening to his new musical obsession all day, and then like an ear worm you can’t stop humming that new musical obsession, even though you have a shizzton of werk to do.

Yeah, welcome to my day.

There’s even a 10-hour version of the song.