Monthly Archives: December 2013

The boy’s latest cartoon obsession is Transformers: Rescue Bots. And by cartoon obsession, I mean we’ve been watching the same 26 episodes non-stop on Netflix for the past few days. Like, I’m starting to know Every Single Line of Dialogue. I dunno, it’s awight.

Busy daddy had to go into the city to work today, and since I’m “working” remotely from my home office, I got to spend the day with the boy catching up on errands and housekeeping shizz.

One thing on the boy’s Christmas wishlist that I couldn’t in good conscience get for him was either a pet guinea pig or a pet rat. Luckily, lazy uncle and chillaxed Dan got the boy a guinea pig plushie for Christmas and we picked up a couple of plushie rats from IKEA. Hopefully those will tide the boy over for a while.

Meanwhile, at lunch, the boy asked me, “Dad, is President Obama the first American President who has brown skin?” And I said, Yep. And the boy said, “Has there ever been a girl American President?” And I said, Not yet, but probably soon. And the boy said, “Has there ever been a a brown girl American President?” And I said, Not yet, but probably after our first girl American President.

And the boy said, “I would vote for a brown girl for President.” And I said, Yeah, me, too.

#hillaryrodhamclinton2016 #michelleobama2024

During my lunch break, I took the lazy pups to the vet for their annual checkups-slash-shots. The vet said the pups were doing great, especially for old dogs. Hard to believe that regular lazy pup is 14 years old and mini lazy pup is 10 years old!

The Busy-Lazy boys had a nice Sunday dinner-slash-playdate at the Designing-Business château, just like in ye olden days. Our respective work and family schedules have been crazy for the past few weeks, so it was nice to catch up with everyone!

Turns out designing daddy is still recovering from last weekend’s Holiday Extravaganza Eleganza, so only one bottle of wine was consumed. Meanwhile, I had two glasses of lukewarm water, which I regret, since tomorrow is a workday for some of us, sheesh.

A few nights ago, I noticed some peeps on my dash talking about the much-anticipated American remake of a super-popular KDrama, so I was all, Hey, I should watch that shizz, too! But then they were all, “DON’T DO IT!!! IT’S TERRIBLE!!!” And I was all, How bad could it be, yo?

OK, let me preface by saying that I like KDramas and stuff, but I’m not crazy about them like some peeps I know (*cough*busydaddy*cough*). Call me a glutton for punishment, but sometimes it’s fun to watch crap just to remind myself that I coulda made something, like, 76 percent better.

After slogging through the 44-minute first episode of Boys Before Friends, I can say that it is unquestionably the Worst Show I Have Ever Seen in My Entire Life. Atrocious acting, even worse writing, amateurish cinematography, insanely bad sound design, this show is a train wreck on a multitude of levels. 

I can’t wait for episode two!!!

We picked up the boy’s new glasses after lunch.

I know I’m super-late to the party, but I just did the New York Times dialect test that’s supposed to predict where peeps come from based on what werds they use and how they pronounce werds and stuff. Turns out the NYTimes hivemind thinks I’m from Minneapolis/St. Paul, Madison or San Francisco. I actually grew up in Chicago and Hawaii, so go figure.

When busy daddy took the quiz, it accurately predicted that he probably grew up in Omaha. Meanwhile, the NYTimes hivemind thinks the boy is growing up in Boston or Providence cuz he sez things like “chowdahead” and “wicked” and “Hah-vard.”


Speaking of super-kawaii, after dinner while I was syncing the boy’s iPad,  I discovered a bunch of screen captures from Nyan cat that the boy took. I dunno what he was planning to do with the screen captures, but I made an animated GIF with the pics because of course I did.