Monthly Archives: July 2013

On the walk to and from the train station, I often spy what appears to be an abandoned bike that’s chained to a signpost. The bike has been painted white and bedazzled with red flowers. I dunno why I’m surprised whenever I see it. I suppose I think that it’ll eventually get stripped for parts or something. But it always seems to be there, which makes me happy. It’s a nice reminder that there will always be pretty things around, even in a city that’s not always so pretty.

I had a hankering for some Korean eats, so after my morning meetings in the city, I had a quik-e lunch at a faux-fancy Korean barbecue and wine joint in K-Town. I ordered spicy japchae, but if I’m being honest, I’d say it wasn’t very spicy nor was it very japchae-ish. It was like a tangled blob of onions and just a few noodles. #japchaefail

Remember when I used to always commute into the city and I’d see lots of random shizz on the streets and random peeps on the train, including my bowtie-making BFF, and things were less complicated back then than they are today? Yeah.

Last night I dreamt that Captain Underwear suddenly got better and for some inexplicable reason all of our guppies had transformed into miniature frogs overnight. In my dream, our miniature frog guppies were sitting on a miniature lilypad in our miniature aquarium, and somehow I managed to snap an awesome pic, despite the fact that the lens I used was definitely not macro and I thought to myself, How come I can take this incredible macro shot with a crappy zoom lens in my dreams but I can’t do that IRL?

Later in my dream, we were in living Paris or Milan or Park Slope, and I got a call from our temporary daughter’s mother, who asked if we wanted to have a playdate with the baby, and I was all, Hellz yeah! So our temporary daughter’s mother dropped off her baby at our place and I thought, I’m glad that they both look happy and healthy, and strangely I felt very little sense of loss or remorse, I was just happy to see our temporary baby girl again. 

She’s three-months-old now, and in my dream her hair had grown and she was wearing a yellow and red polka dot dress, which I remember thinking looked cute, but I made a mental note that when we gave our temporary daughter back to her mother, I would give her the dress that I bought for her when I was in Milan.

At one point, I was sitting at a piano with our temporary daughter, and she placed her tiny hands on the keys and started playing a lovely sonata, and I thought, Wow, this girl is a prodigy and I hope her mother gets her a piano so that she doesn’t lose her gift.

The entire time we were with our temporary daughter, I kept thinking that I’d seen this scene before, that I remember experiencing all of this. And then I realized that it wasn’t déjà vu. I had read about this years ago in a book, and this baby girl in my lap really wasn’t the right baby girl, she was a changeling who had taken over the right baby girl’s body.

At the end of the playdate, when we gave our temporary daughter back to her mother, I was struck by an overwhelming desire to tell her mother that her daughter wasn’t really her daughter, that a changeling had swapped places with her. But I just smiled, kissed them goodbye and gave the baby girl back to her mother.

I forgot to give our temporary daughter the dress that I bought for her when I was in Milan.

Fun fact: busy daddy is obsessed a fan of Korean soap operas. Back in the day, when the boy was a baby, busy daddy and I started watching K-dramas together during our nightly ritual of getting the boy ready for bed, and I guess watching that shizz stuck with busy daddy. I barely have the attention span to watch a half-hour sitcom two-minute YouTube video, so I applaud busy daddy for his diligence in following the long arc of the K-dramas that he watches.

Busy daddy is currently watching a series on Drama Fever about a family that does something and there’s conflict and someone falls down at the end of every episode. It’s supposed to be hi-larious, but I just don’t have the wherewithal to keep track of the various and sundry convoluted plot twists.

Plus, Korean peeps are crazy. What with their an-yŏng-ha-se-yo this, and their ai-goo that. I’m just sayin’.

According to the boy, the second day of Rocket Science Camp was “fun,” although he didn’t divulge any more specifics. He did say that the campers started building their rockets today and that they also built some other shizz for practice, but he was vague about what that other shizz was.

After work and Rocket Science Camp, the Busy-Lazy boys got Mexican for dinner because I didn’t feel like cooking. Then we got some fro-yo because peeps should always have frozen treats at least once a day.

At the yogurt shop, busy daddy ran into one of his yoga friends, so the boy and I sat on the orange couch at the yogurt shop and snapped a few pics to make an animated GIF. The photo-posing direction I gave the boy was to try to look like a normal kid and not like Spazzy McSpazz-a-Lot. This was the best look we could muster.

I dunno why, but mini lazy pup has been acting kinda shady all day. I have a sneaking suspicion that he’s up to no good, but I don’t have any proof. If anything untoward happens, you’ll know who to pin it on, obvs.

I may or may not have spent the past five and a half hours finishing up a draft of a Very Important presentation deck that was due today, but I couldn’t work on it during regular office hours because I was busy with conference calls and TPS reports and shizz. Delivering a draft of a Very Important presentation deck at 10:30 PM still counts as completing that shizz on time, amirite? It’s still Monday, yo!

There are motivational posters hanging in the kitchen area in my office, and I like to look at them so that I can get, you know, motivated and stuff. The only one that throws me off is the one about keeping things dry. I’m not sure what that’s supposed to mean. Anyone?

Meanwhile, I have a terrible confession to make: I actually don’t make pretty presentations in PowerPoint. Like anyone with an iota of design sense, I use a Mac, obvs, so I work in Keynote. But usually when I talk about the pretty presentations that I make, it’s easier to explain to peeps that I’m making a “PowerPoint” presentation so that they don’t feel bad that they’re using PCs and stuff. Because PCs and Microsoft Office products are for the birds. And for people who don’t have good taste.

Apparently there’s no such thing as Minecraft Camp, so I decided on the next best option. Today the boy started Rocket Science Camp, which in regular peeps parlance is Camp for Kids Who Will Grow Up to Live in Their Parents’ Basements and/or End Up Ruling the World. Obvs I’m hoping for the latter because I don’t think our basement is suitable for human habitation.

Of course I was delighted to see that there was at least one girl in Rocket Science Camp because those kinds of things are usually sausage fests. When the boy got home, he said Rocket Science Camp was “fun,” despite his initial reservations when the nanny and I dropped him off earlier in the afternoon.

Now the boy is watching YouTube videos about rocket building. Hopefully he’ll use his new-found interest in rocketry and shizz for good and not evil.