Believe it or not, I finally completed all of the necessary paperwork for our updated adoption home study. Werk. I’m gonna drop that shizz in the mail this afternoon, and then after it’s been reviewed by our adoption agency, we’ll have to schedule a new home visit.

Here’s a confession: is it bad that I’m starting to have second thoughts about adopting another kid? I mean, it would be great for the boy to have a brother or sister and we’d love to have second child, really we would, but sometimes the hassle and heartache of going through the adoption process just doesn’t seem worth it. Obvs, it’s worth it, but still…

On my walk to the train station this morning, I spied a lonely binkie stranded on the sidewalk near the train station. When the boy was a baby, he was addicted to his binkie, and I worried that he was going to be a 27-year-old man who still used a binkie. But then one day when he was two (or maybe three, I can’t remember), he put the binkie in his mouth, looked at it, put it back in his mouth, then took it out, and handed it over to me. And then that was that, he was done with the binkie.

As much as I love the age that the boy is now, I do miss the times when he was a baby. Really, I guess I am looking forward to having another baby in the house again.

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