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It’s hard to tell how big the tree is that fell in front of our house in this pic, but it’s huge. Like, the root base is as tall as the boy.

I don’t get people who are all, “What’s the big deal about the storm? Wah-wah, it could have been much worse. I’m gonna get my drink on because bad weather is an excuse to get my drink on. Etc.”

To these insensitive, alcoholic douchebags, I say, STFU. Plus, karma is a badass vindictive bitch.

The Busy-Lazy boys weathered the storm awight. I guess none of the hi-larious things I posted last night made it online. Oh well.

Here’s a quik-e recap:

  • We ate whatever perishable foods were in the house.
  • We played Battleship by flashlight.
  • We ate all of the gelato in the freezer (four pints). Apparently there is a limit to how much gelato someone can eat in a sitting.
  • We slept downstairs, just in case a tree fell on top of our house.

Looking outside this morning, it appears that the stinkin’ tree is blocking our driveway. Plus, our neighbor’s roof looks pretty messed up. The boy has been playing Minecraft on the iPad all morning. I’ve told him to conserve the battery, but he was all, “Whatevs.”

There’s no power at my office in the city. I guess I should make some breakfast?

I guess I didn’t plan out our Hurricane Sandy provisions very well. I got ingredients to make teriyaki chicken, turkey chili, and beef stew, but when the power went out and killed the refrigerator, I realized that I’d have to cook everything. Tonight. And eat it all. Tonight.

So the Busy-Lazy boys had turkey chili, mac and cheese, and teriyaki chicken for dinner tonight, while we played Battleship by flashlight.

I probably should have got some more canned food items. I don’t even know what kinds of canned foods I would have bought. Sheesh.

Hurricane Sandy came in like the whore she promised she’d be. A huge tree across the street snapped and pulled down the power lines, throwing our entire street into darkness.

So that’s how you want to play, Sandy? And so it begins…

Have I mentioned lately how much I dislike nature? Stupid stinkin’ nature.

When I woke up at 3:30 AM this morning, the weather didn’t look so bad outside. I mean, it was rainy and windy, but otherwise unremarkable. Better safe than sorry, though, so the Busy-Lazy boys are battening down the hatches and nesting at home for the duration of the storm.

I made some turkey bacon for busy daddy and the boy. Having breakfast together is a rare treat since we hardly get to see each other during the work week. Mini lazy pup is acting weird, but then I realize that it’s just because he’s awake and stuff.

Gosh, I don’t know what it is about Major Weather Events that make people go mental. I mean, I know that Hurricane Sandy is a betch and all, but it’s sort of out of our hands, amirite?

Here’s how the Busy-Lazy boys prepared for the impending storm:

  • We went to the gym. The boy and I played some tennis-slash-squash, and then busy daddy and I each did quik-e half-hearted workouts.
  • We went someplace for brunch, where I basically had a plate of meat and veggies.
  • We went to the comic book store because if the power goes out, at least we’ll have something to read.
  • We went to Target to pick up some last minute supplies, but I panicked and only bought some Kraft singles (at the boy’s request), some turkey bacon, and some tooth paste. Thankfully busy daddy was in a more organized state of mind, so he bought some flashlights and a couple of buckets. Oh, and we bought a case of Coke Zero because if the world is going to end, we might as well have some Coke Zero.
  • I cleaned the house. Like, I did four more loads of laundry and then re-vacuumed the entire house, while busy daddy and the boy played Minecraft.
  • We surveyed the humongous trees on our neighbors’ yards and tried to calculate which tree was going to fall on our house.

Since mass transit is shutting down in the tri-state area, I sent an e-mail to my busy business colleagues telling them that our New York and Philly offices are closed tomorrow. The boy’s school is also closed tomorrow. I guess we’ll be puttering around the house for a few days. I hope the power doesn’t go out. Maybe I’ll bake a cake tomorrow?


notes on friends and friendship. x

It seems that the older I get, the fewer friends I have in real life. I suppose work and parenting and other stuff get in the way of sustaining and nurturing friendships in the same way that I could when I was young and single and childless.

Even though most virtually all of my real-life friends now live faraway and we don’t talk much or see each other much because they have their own lives and children and work to consider, I hope they know that I still think of them often and love them and miss them.

Zefrank does a pretty good job at explaining all the feels about friends and friendship.

A couple of pranksters at my office posted the above sign on the bulletin board in the kitchen. So many questions:

  1. First, why is this offer open only to the ladies? I know a few dudes who would totes lurve those cow shoes.
  2. Second, while those cow shoes are way fierce, I suspect they would pinch and/or stink and stuff.
  3. Third, didn’t the House of McQueen show those cow shoes for Spring/Summer three seasons ago?
  4. Fourth, I think some of my busy business lady colleagues have too much time on their hands.

Gosh, it was a super-crazy-busy day at work today. But I think the Most Important E-mail I had to write and send was alerting the staffs in our New York and Philadelphia offices to, you know, be careful because there may or may not be a catastrophic storm hitting us next week. Which means peeps should take their laptops home and check their e-mails and stuff.

My life as a busy business lady can be so blindingly glamourous sometimes that all I want to do after work is punch every single person in the face on my train ride home.

Even though the Busy-Lazy boys live in a diverse, (predominantly) socially liberal and multicultural community, I’m always surprised by the number of political signs on people’s lawns that support What’s-His-Face Romney instead of Obama. Maybe it’s because of our proximity to the jerks who live in Uppityville?

Here’s the thing: I don’t think Obama is the bee’s knees, but I’d rather have a meh President who support a social-economic-foreign-policy agenda that considers 100 percent of the populace than a flip-flopping woman-hating¬†douchebag President who cares only for the top 1 percent.

So it was a pleasant surprise to spy a campaign sign for the Obama-Biden ticket on my walk to the train station this morning. Too bad it’s a campaign sign from 2008. Why can’t we just fast-forward to 2016 when Hillary Rodham Clinton is finally crowned Queen of America, amirite?

My daily usual busy business lady lunch colleague and I decided to go out for a bite today, instead of getting takeaway (like we always do) and sitting in his office crying eating our lunch together. We were thwarted at the first joint we tried because it was packed to the gills with other busy business ladies, so we ambled over to the local barbecue joint around the corner from our office.

We both got chunks of brisket and jalapeno sausage on white bread, with a side of sweet creamy corn pudding. OK, here’s the thing: the lunch was crazy expensive. Like, the above pictured meal cost $26!!! Which is basically triple what I would ordinarily spend on lunch, yo. But it was quite possibly the best brisket I’ve ever had. True story.