Monthly Archives: September 2012

Designing daddy and business papa invited the Busy-Lazy boys and grandma Melissa over to the Chateau of dinner and drinks. While the boys played Clone Wars, Miss Lily texted her friends, and I sulked in a corner blogged and stuff, designing daddy, business papa, busy daddy, and grandma Melissa visited in the formal sitting room.

Grandma Melissa told a story about a friend of hers who is an heiress and an artist, and apparently an interior designer whose motto is “when in doubt, paint it beige.” Busy daddy said, “I think maybe the definitions of ‘heiress’ and ‘interior designer’ are different in Omaha than they are here.” Then designing daddy said, “She should write an autobiography and title it, ‘The Beige Heiress!’ ” I was only half listening to the story, but it involved shopping at TJ Maxx but driving a Rolls Royce.

I don’t understand rich people. Still, they laughed and laugh (although I didn’t understand what they were talking about).


Mic check 1, 2, 1 ,2! It’s time to give a loud, obnoxious 6th birthday shout out to “The Boy.” We can’t get enough of the Lazy/Busy family and we know that you guys had a fantabulous, super fun birthday weekend. You are doing such a terrific job with your son!!! He is so lucky to have not 1 but TWO spectacular fathers! We wish we couldve been there to celebrate with y’all! MAD love from my family to yours!!! Xoxox (Taken with Instagram)

OMFG! Werk it out, girl! Thanks a million! XOXO