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Busy daddy and I met with the totes adorable John of johnandedwardplustwo for a quik-e busy business lady breakfast meeting. OMFG, John is so freakin’ cute! Like, I want to squeeze-him-and-tickle-him variety of cute, but in a completely platonic, not-at-all in a weird way kind of squeezing and tickling, know what I mean?

We talked about adoption, negotiating with producers of reality TV shows, moron business busy lady co-workers, insane Tumblrers, and real estate. We had a great time! Thanks John for meeting up with us!

Forgot to mention: after yesterday’s quik-e lazy playdate at Dolores Park and yummy Thai lunch, we went for a visit with mayak46 at her awesome century old Victorian house in Noe Valley. I know she’s technically related to designing daddy, but she’s so much more like my sister from another mister.

First, she’s hilarious. Second, we pretty much practice the same Total Chaos School of Parenting. Third, I think she’s somewhat anti-social, which makes me want to hang out with her even more! Fourth, we have the same housekeeping strategy, which I’m sure would drive designing daddy to madness. Fifth, hi-larious!

The boy played Minecraft with mayak46’s two lovely kids. I’m probably tardy for the party, but apparently all of the kids are talking about Minecraft. I don’t get the appeal.

The peeps in San Francisco are totes hi-larious, they build all of their houses so that they lean sideways! I imagine that area architects partake in too much herbal refreshment, if you know what I’m sayin’, amirite? Bueller?

After our quik-e morning playdate, we were all sort of starving, so mayak46 recommended a terrific Thai restaurant in Noe Valley. The eats were all yum!

It couldn’t have been a more beautiful day at Dolores Park to meet up with some of my favorite San Francisco Tumblrers! It’s so nice to meet online friends in real life, seriously, I highly recommend it!


San Francisco Tumblr Meetup at Dolores Park Playground!

I met up with Lazy Dad again, but this time in San Francisco. Here’s a recap in bullets because I’m kind of tired:

– Met some of Lazy Dad’s family – how neat is that! They were lovely.

– His son is super friendly and adorable. I might’ve scared him off a bit by being so chatty. Oops!

– Met two of Lazy Dad’s other tumblr buddies, Kim and Mya (guessing on the spelling!). They were so nice!

– Kim’s daughter is ridiculously cute! I had to refrain myself from scooping her up for a squeeze since you know, we just met and I’m practically a stranger.

– I’ve been working with older teens and living in the Bay Area away from family and my little cousins for so long that I forgot just how much I enjoy being around younger kids.

– It brought me back to my AmeriCorps days when I was on playground duty with the little elementary kids, being called Ate by the kindergarteners, and chatting up the kids who came to the community center. So cute!

– Nino’s bff from high school is visiting from Italy, so she joined us at Dolores Park.

– We’re also hosting another Italian guy tonight. We’ve become a B&B for everyone who is Italian! Come one, come all!

– The line at Tartine was extra long this morning, but so worth it!

– Nino, Eleanora, and I left the meetup and walked to the Castro. We stopped at Cafe Flore to get out of the sun. Eleanora commented that there are so many good looking men, but too bad they’re unavailable. Ha! So true.

– It’s so warm today! I definitely broke a sweat, which is uncommon in San Francisco. Should’ve worn more sunscreen.

– I was in a rush, so I forgot to put on deodorant. I hope no one noticed.

– I still get taken aback by how genuinely nice Lazy Dad is. Gosh, I must meet tons of asswipes or something.

Ack! The always lovely Lynda, proprietor of vpowinsf beat me to the punch and posted some pics from our quik-e lazy playdate in San Francisco this morning! Everyone was there: the amazing kimcheez and lil one, the super-spectacular mayak46, and even the ghost of Paul Lynde made a guest appearance! We missed the always-traveling pamilya and the jetsetting electradaddy, but we hope we can see all of the Bay Area Tumblrers the next time we’re in town!

I love me some Tumblr peeps! Guess who I’m having a busy business lady breakfast with tomorrow? You’ll never guess. Seriously. You won’t. OK, it’s johnandedwardplustwo. Don’t hate me cuz you ain’t me.

After lunch, we went to Daiso, which is a Japanese $1.50 store. But really it’s so much more! Forget about Muji or the Container Store. You can pretty much find every household supply-slash-organizing-knick-knack at Daiso for significantly less. Did I mention that most items are $1.50?

My only complaint about Daiso is that it doesn’t have a public restroom, so plan accordingly. Because, you know, after you’ve spent a few hours snacking on Japanese treats and buying adorbz Japanese soap dishes and kawaii whiteboard pens and pads, you’ll definitely need to go potty from the sheer excitement of it all. Luckily there’s a public restroom in the Target across the street!

Yesterday I took out a small group of Lazy peeps to yummy Vietnamese eats for lunch. The food in the Bay Area—especially Asian eats—is really good and super-cheap, too!

Yo! Awesome blog, I wish my parents had such a detailed record of my life! Anyway, I was wondering what camera set-up you use? The attached photographs are always so lush, and get the best of people! Best wishes x

Hi skittlesinparis! Thank you for your nice comment, I really appreciate your feedback!

I’ll do a longer, more comprehensive post one day about photography and stuff, but here’s a quik-e overview:

  • For everyday pics, I use a Panasonic Lumix GF1, which is pretty much my favorite camera of all time. I normally use a 20mm pancake lens, which is great for both closeup and landscape shots. I occasionally shoot with a Panasonic Lumix GX1, but I find myself gravitating to the GF1 more often than not. I really like the micro four third system because the camera is really compact, yet you get terrific image quality. I’m also a huge fan of Panasonic cameras.
  • For underwater pics, I use a Panasonic Lumix TS3, which is both waterproof and shock proof. This camera has become my standard point-and-shoot camera. It has its limitations, but it’s easy to use and nearly indestructible.
  • The DSLRs I use are the Nikon D7000 and the Nikon D5000, both terrific cameras. I find that the D7000 is pretty heavy, so it can feel like carrying around a ton of bricks after a while. Still, it’s the best DSLR I’ve ever owned and highly recommended. The D5000 is terrific as well, and it’s significantly smaller, but I sometimes feel like it’s a bit of a toy, not that there’s anything wrong with that. 
  • For fun, I have a Lytro Light Field camera. I haven’t played with it much, but it’s a neat camera that lets you take photos and then focus after the fact.
  • And, of course, for random snaps, I use my iPhone. I’m always so impressed by real photographers who shoot with iPhones and get stunning results. One of my favorite photo blogs is All Things Lucy & June. The girls’ dad shoots with an iPhone sometimes, and it’s difficult to believe because the images are absolutely stunning.

Even though I’ve been taking photos since I was kid, I feel like I still have a lot to learn, and don’t consider myself to be a “photographer,” just a dad who takes pics of his kid, so you should take my photo recommendations and commentary with a huge grain of salt.  Thanks for your question!