It’s been a super-busy week, so it was nice to have a family dinner that I didn’t have to cook. Busy daddy felt like having pizza, so that’s what we had. On the drive to the restaurant, busy daddy said to me, “Since you’re back to eating gluten, there’s a really good sandwich you need to try.” I said, Who said I’m back on gluten? Busy daddy said, “Seems like everything you’ve been eating this week and on your business trip had gluten.” I said, I’m not religious about keeping a gluten-free diet, I just try to avoid it. Busy daddy said, “Um, right.”

That got me thinking: can I be a social gluten eater, like a social drinker or a social smoker? I’m pretty sure I can’t be a social smoker because, you know, even though smoking is awesome, it gives you cancer and makes you die and stuff. Meanwhile, as much as I’d like to be a social drinker, I don’t think I could stop at just one or two drinks because, you know, of the alcoholic tendencies and stuff, so that’s basically a no-go as well.

I suppose I could be a social gluten eater, as long as I’m OK with the occasional tummy ache and getting fat and stuff. Tonight, busy daddy and the boy shared a margherita pizza and salad, while I had bone marrow crostini, which was delicious, and fire-roasted meatballs, also yum. I don’t even like bread all that much, but the crostini was delicious. Don’t let the bone marrow scare you. It’s really good, gluten be damned!

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