I really like the idea of daily photo challenges, and I’ve enjoyed participating in Fat Mum Slim‘s terrific Febphotoaday challenge—even if I felt a little pooped out by the end. What I realized, though, is that taking a photo a day within the confines of a photo challenge can be, well, challenging. I know the challenging part is the whole point, but I think I’m just too lazy to keep up.

I suppose some people participate in photo challenges to remind (or force) themselves to make pictures every single day, clearly a worthy endeavor. But many (most) of us aren’t photographers nor do we want to be photographers. And many (most) of us don’t have the time, energy or wherewithal to keep pace.

For me, looking at a photo is as much about how the picture-maker sees the world as it is about what the picture-maker sees. The photo doesn’t have to be perfect, but what’s interesting to me is what the photo says about or means to the person creating the image.

So I’ve decided to make a super-easy, super-lazy photo (non-challenge) thing for March. Rather than capturing an ascribed daily photo subject/topic, I’ll try to snap photos that are inspired by a single word or idea each week. Maybe it will result in seven photos a week or maybe it will result in just a single image a week. My goal is to have at least four images at the end of the month that are accompanied by four stories that go with those images. Consider it an assignment that can be handed in any time during the week. Or handed in throughout the week, if you’re so inclined.

I think the best thing about photo challenges is getting to know each other better, and I’m not sure how much I learn about someone who’s desperately trying to keep up with an arbitrary laundry list of images. Plus, there are only so many pictures of shoes, for example, that I can look at and discern anything meaningful about the picture-maker’s intentions.

Wanna join me on my lazy photo thing this March? It’ll be super-easy and fun (I hope)! You can jump in or out whenever you want, and you have an entire week to come up with at least one picture. Easy peasy, right?

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