Day 27: Something I Ate

Last night, I made couscous with braised mushrooms. I also made a pot roast, which was horrifically un-photogenic, thus it’s not pictured.

It’s official: I’ve completely lost steam on Febphotoaday. I know I’m in the final stretch, but whatevs.

Either I’m having an existential crisis today or I’m just tired of reading crap all-day-long on my dash. Why are so many bloggers and readers of blogs such asshats? If you don’t like what someone is saying on his or her own blog, then keep your fucking opinion to yourself. Don’t spit on someone else’s blog with bullshit comments that don’t advance the conversation.

It’s like if a group of people are having a nice chat about, say, the weather and the idiot of the group announces, “Well, I have herpes.” La-dee-fucking-da. How is that relevant to the conversation? Also, if you’re having an occasional bad day, fine, but if everything you post is about the damage and ruin that is your life, then maybe it’s time to seek professional help.

Here’s a protip: reading about your nervous breakdown and/or your spiral into the abyss is completely uninteresting. Seriously. It’s not. Stop it. Let the unfollow slaughter commence. 

Good lord, I am in a nasty mood. How’s your day going?

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