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Following a crazy morning of meetings and conference calls with various and sundry busy business ladies in my office, I’m spending part of the afternoon at the edit and design shop that’s putting together the video thing that I’m producing.

It’s fun to see other workspaces, especially at companies that are in creative industries. While my agency’s offices are gorgeous in that LEED-certified, open-plan, minimalist-modern way, the offices at the edit shop are cozy and kitschy.

As someone with a defective fabulous gene, I’m always in awe of people who can take random, seemingly garish things and make them beautiful and interesting.

Stupid defective fabulous gene.

I really like the idea of daily photo challenges, and I’ve enjoyed participating in Fat Mum Slim‘s terrific Febphotoaday challenge—even if I felt a little pooped out by the end. What I realized, though, is that taking a photo a day within the confines of a photo challenge can be, well, challenging. I know the challenging part is the whole point, but I think I’m just too lazy to keep up.

I suppose some people participate in photo challenges to remind (or force) themselves to make pictures every single day, clearly a worthy endeavor. But many (most) of us aren’t photographers nor do we want to be photographers. And many (most) of us don’t have the time, energy or wherewithal to keep pace.

For me, looking at a photo is as much about how the picture-maker sees the world as it is about what the picture-maker sees. The photo doesn’t have to be perfect, but what’s interesting to me is what the photo says about or means to the person creating the image.

So I’ve decided to make a super-easy, super-lazy photo (non-challenge) thing for March. Rather than capturing an ascribed daily photo subject/topic, I’ll try to snap photos that are inspired by a single word or idea each week. Maybe it will result in seven photos a week or maybe it will result in just a single image a week. My goal is to have at least four images at the end of the month that are accompanied by four stories that go with those images. Consider it an assignment that can be handed in any time during the week. Or handed in throughout the week, if you’re so inclined.

I think the best thing about photo challenges is getting to know each other better, and I’m not sure how much I learn about someone who’s desperately trying to keep up with an arbitrary laundry list of images. Plus, there are only so many pictures of shoes, for example, that I can look at and discern anything meaningful about the picture-maker’s intentions.

Wanna join me on my lazy photo thing this March? It’ll be super-easy and fun (I hope)! You can jump in or out whenever you want, and you have an entire week to come up with at least one picture. Easy peasy, right?

Day 28: Money

My favorite denomination of U.S. currency is the lucky two dollar bill. Because the Federal Reserve hasn’t issued the three dollar bill. At least not yet.

If, by any chance, you are:

  • a woman
  • a gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender person
  • a person of color
  • an immigrant
  • a middle-class (or below) taxpayer
  • on government assistance of any kind, including Medicare
  • a believer in the separation of church and state
  • a believer in the fundamental human right to control what happens with your own body, your own thoughts, your own home
  • a believer in the right to love whomever you choose to love
  • wanting a future for your children that is not overburdened by debt

And you still decide to cast a vote for Rick “Darth Maul” Santorum, then God (or Buddha or whatever) help you if he becomes the next POTUS because he will send his thugs knocking on your door to take away the rest of your rights as an American. True story.

Speaking of bitch fit, one of the things that put me in such a foul mood this morning was the televised wankfest known as the 84th Academy Awards. In a previous life, I worked at an entertainment magazine that came out weekly, if you know what I’m saying. My former colleagues there had their collective Borg-heads so far up the arses of the industrial-military-celebrity machine that they were constantly awash in pop culture Santorum. Imagine working somewhere where the most important news of the day was what Gwyneth Paltrow wore or ate. Blech.

Half-heartedly watching the Oscars and half-listening to the hyperventilating, breathless faux-reporting of “journalists” reminded me of the ultimate banality of celebrity pseudo-news and made me sad furious about the idiotic state of our culture.

Besides the blatant racism served up as jokes (Billy Crystal in blackface, again! Sandra Bullock mocking the Chinese language!) and the derivative, bland, white-washed vision of America that the Oscars presented to the world, the only redeeming things from last night’s show were: Tina Fey (who is fab) and her gargantuan Audrey Hepburn-inspired hurr did and Bradley Cooper (who is normally just meh) and his sketchy 70s porn ‘stache.

Otherwise, the Oscars made me want to punch everyone in the face because it was a vapid, self-congratulatory waste of time. Stupid stinkin’ Oscars.

Please forgive my inappropriate outburst this morning, which I swear is totally out of character (that is, unless you know me in real life, then you were probably rolling your eyes and thinking to yourself, “Gurrl needs to get her hurr did!” I said, stop it.) Anyhoo, cooler minds prevailed, and thanks to some good advice from the peanut gallery, I got me some salted caramel and sweet milk gelato for an afternoon pick-me-up, and now all is right with the world.

Turns out, it’s been almost 72 hours since my last gelato-slash-ice cream fix, so the milk-cream levels in my body were all out of whack, thus the bitch fit.

Day 27: Something I Ate

Last night, I made couscous with braised mushrooms. I also made a pot roast, which was horrifically un-photogenic, thus it’s not pictured.

It’s official: I’ve completely lost steam on Febphotoaday. I know I’m in the final stretch, but whatevs.

Either I’m having an existential crisis today or I’m just tired of reading crap all-day-long on my dash. Why are so many bloggers and readers of blogs such asshats? If you don’t like what someone is saying on his or her own blog, then keep your fucking opinion to yourself. Don’t spit on someone else’s blog with bullshit comments that don’t advance the conversation.

It’s like if a group of people are having a nice chat about, say, the weather and the idiot of the group announces, “Well, I have herpes.” La-dee-fucking-da. How is that relevant to the conversation? Also, if you’re having an occasional bad day, fine, but if everything you post is about the damage and ruin that is your life, then maybe it’s time to seek professional help.

Here’s a protip: reading about your nervous breakdown and/or your spiral into the abyss is completely uninteresting. Seriously. It’s not. Stop it. Let the unfollow slaughter commence. 

Good lord, I am in a nasty mood. How’s your day going?

Is there anything less funny, less appealing than watching a three-hour circle jerk featuring saggy old white dudes and vapid starlets pretending to care about anyone else (or anything else) besides saggy old white dudes and vapid starlets? The answer is a resounding no.