The other day, busy daddy was lamenting about the possibility that the boy could grow up and have a New Joisey or New Yawk accent. I said I wasn’t too concerned about this happening because I didn’t grow up with the accents that my parents have nor did I grow up with the accent of my classmates, and instead I ended up with a fairly generic, non-descript middle-American non-accent.

Busy daddy asked, “Well, where do you think your non-accent came from?” And I said, I dunno, probably from watching TV and stuff. And busy daddy said, “Since we have MTV and Jersey Shore running 24-hours-a-day in our house, don’t you think the boy might pick up some of that crap and sound like them?” 

Touche, busy daddy, touche.

BTW, walking through Penn Station on my way to work this morning, out of the corner of my eye, I swore I saw Snooki hawking her “fragrance” at Perfumania. Turns out it was just a life-sized cardboard cut-out of Snooki. Which, I suppose, isn’t much different from the real thing. Which is to say, Hey y’all! I saw Snooki at the Perfumania in Penn Station this morning!

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