While busy daddy stayed at home and went crazy cleaning the house and rearranging all of our furniture, I took the boy into the city for a midday New Year’s party-slash-playdate at my friends* communications mommy and developer papa’s penthouse condo in Brooklyn.

Surprisingly, traffic into the city wasn’t too bad. Maybe everyone in the city was still nursing hangovers? Meanwhile in the suburbs, we’ve been up since 5:00 AM, already did six loads of laundry, hit the gym, went to the market, and had breakfast all before the city folks have had their first double skinny lattes. Stupid ¬†double skinny lattes drinkers.

* I qualify communications mommy and developer papa as my friends versus busy daddy’s friends to prove that a) despite my anti-social, misanthropic tendencies, I actually do have friends and b) my friends like me enough to invite me to stuff versus always being busy daddy’s plus-one at his friends’ things.

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