Busy daddy has a bee in his bonnet, and that bee is telling him to obsessively clean our house. And by cleaning house, I mean dumping all of the crap that’s hidden in cabinets and rearranging all of the furniture. Not to be outdone, I spent the better part of the morning (and much of yesterday afternoon) cleaning my home office, a.k.a. Lazy Dad Headquarters. If you’ve ever asked yourself, I wonder where the magic happens, the answer is in the mess pictured above.

Let me be honest: my name is Lazy Dad, and I’m a compulsive hoarder. I will hoard pieces of paper and newspaper clippings that I think I will one day use as reference or inspiration, but usually the scraps of paper just end up gathering dust in piles in my office. Imagine this hoarding over the course of a year, and you can imagine what my home office looks like. Put it this way: before yesterday afternoon, I couldn’t walk into my office and get to my desk without risking injury because every square inch of the floor was covered with stacks of paper, electronics, and boxes of fabrics and candy. So a thorough cleaning was long overdue.

This will be first and last time in 2012 that my home office is actually usable in a meaningful way. Oh well.

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