After playing with LEGO and Star Wars, the boys worked on an art project together, which made me happy, not just because they were playing nicely, but because the boy was excited about drawing.

Selfishly, I worry sometimes that my son is more of a math-science guy than an artist. The boy told me that his teacher said he’s “math smart.” I imagine lots of parents would be thrilled to hear something like this, but I hope the boy will continue to explore his creative side. 

I’m lucky that my parents always let me and my siblings pursue art in school and creative jobs as adults, all this despite the fact that all of us were/are “math smart.” I think if you’re naturally inclined toward analytical thinking, it’s useful to exercise your creative mind, and vice versa. The truth, though, for me at least, is that math and science are easy, but art is difficult.

If I had my way, the boy would work on his art instead of his math. Because he has his entire life to pursue being an accountant (if he wants), but the innate creative spark we all have (especially when we’re kids) is fleeting and dissipates with age.

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