There’s a storefront in our town that’s basically cursed. Pretty much every business that has occupied the space has gone under within a few months. From a Feng Shui perspective, it’s located at the dead end of a T-shaped intersection, which is the worst possible location for a business because that’s where all of the bad heebie jeebies flow into and get stuck, thereby ruining your business.

Over the Summer, there was a noodle shop that lasted for a hot second, and now there’s a new burger joint in the space. We decided to give the place a try tonight. The decor is cute in a Dwell home furnishings-meets-Interface FLOR sort of way, but the food is only meh to shy of horrible. The service is either bad or only semi-bad, depending on your mood. I was in a cranky mood, so I thought the service sucked.

They got busy daddy’s order wrong, which pissed me off. And they gave me a burger with a bun, even though I asked for no bun. The portions are tiny for what you pay, and they don’t serve milkshakes. Still, the place was packed tonight, but only because it’s a new family-friendly place to eat in town.

I give the place two months before it goes under. Sad face. Or good riddance! Hard to tell how I feel.

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