OK, so here’s the thing: I really like folding origami (and no, this isn’t an Asian joke, seriously, I really love origami), but I absolutely despise wrapping Christmas presents. I dislike wrapping presents so much that I usually put it off until the last minute and often end up just giving the boy his Christmas presents in bags. I blame my defective fabulous gene. Stupid defective fabulous gene.

This year, I’ve decided to bite the bullet and wrap the stinkin’ Christmas presents. The problem is that the boy can’t really be trusted to play by himself while I wrap his presents in secret, so I have to wrap presents after he goes to bed or before he wakes up.

Part of me resent having to wrap presents at all because they’re just going to be ripped open as soon as Christmas morning arrives. But the sentimental side of me realizes that there’s nothing like waking up Christmas morning and opening gifts and being surprised by what’s behind the paper.

I should’ve outsourced present wrapping this year. Sheesh.

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