I suspect that most people have already checked out for the rest of the year, so not a lot of work is getting done today. Since I arrived at the office, I’ve received one phone call, and it was a wrong number.

Our very generous worldwide CFO took the entire global team out for Mexican food. It was great. Put it this way: it was a multi-drink, multi-course lunch that started around lunchtime and is still going on. My work colleague and I excused ourselves after a few hours because there’s really only so much guacamole and margaritas that can be reasonably consumed during the day on a school night, and we still have some work to wrap up.

Still, it was a really nice way to cap off the year with the best bosses and best colleagues in town. Have I mentioned lately that I have the best job in the world? I haven’t? Well, it’s freakin’ the Single Best Job I’ve ever had. Ever.

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