You know how sometimes it’s the end of the week and you haven’t used up all of the fresh ingredients you bought from the market and you need to cook everything or else it’ll go bad? I spent most of the weekend cooking random things to get rid of ingredients and make more space in my refrigerator.

Busy daddy has a cold, so I made chicken soup. I wish it was easier to make a smaller portion of chicken soup because now we’re going to be having chicken soup (and its variants) for the rest of the week.

I also made chili with a Hawaiian chili spice mix that my mom sent me. And then I made stir-fried beef with broccoli because the bunch of broccoli I bought last Sunday was on the verge of going bad.

The boy’s verdict on our hodgepodge Sunday dinner: chicken soup was OK; broccoli was good, but the beef was yuck; chili was good. Busy daddy’s verdict: chicken soup was delicious; beef broccoli was delicious; Hawaiian chili was OK.

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