You know how when you work in an office and your co-worker will call you on the phone, even though he sits, like, 10 feet away from you? It’s weird, right? After lunch, my work colleague (the banana who I had lunch with today), called me at my desk and asked if I wanted to take a coffee break. And I’m like, Of course!

It was super-crowded at our usual afternoon coffee spot (stinkin’ tourists), so we decided to live dangerously and grab a cup of coffee at the Van Leeuwen truck outside of our office. And by grabbing a cup of coffee, I mean he had a cup of cafe Americano and I had a cup of espresso ice cream.

My work colleague said, “You seem to be eating a lot of ice cream lately. What gives?” And I said, I’m on an ice cream diet. Jealous, much? And he said, “Yes. Just a little bit.”

I ended up with the shakes all afternoon from the caffeine. I wonder if there’s such a thing as decaffeinated espresso ice cream? Because I would totally go for some of that stuff.

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