Yesterday afternoon, I had a brief text exchange with designing daddy, which was apparently in response to an innocent little post I made the other day. Designing daddy took umbrage and even tried to make amends by demonstrating that he’s just a normal daddy who cleans his own yard. (Please note: designing daddy was raking leaves while wearing Tom Ford sunglasses and a head-to-toe John Varvatos Burberry ensemble. True story.)

In my defense, I was sort of drunk when I posted the offending item, so my recollection of events was somewhat hazy. And by sort of drunk, I mean I was stone-cold sober because everyone knows that I’m a teetotaler. And by hazy recollection, I mean I only report events exactly as they occur. Really, I do. Not an ounce of anything I say is even the slightest bit exaggerated for comedic effect. Really, I’m like the Wikipedia of blogging! Everything here is true, I tell you!

How much we do we love the Fabulous Adventures of the Designing-Business family? More than words can describe!

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