What started out as kind of a craptastic morning is turning into a pretty good day so far. The car thing was a freakin’ drag since there were more problems than just the broken headlight. Ended up taking two hours and 300 bucks to fix. Then busy daddy told me that lazy dog, who has been sick since we got back from Nebraska, had a messy poop accident all over the house.

So I was definitely not in the mood to work out today. Luckily Chris G was in worse shape than me today due to lack of sleep, so we spent an hour boxing. I’ll tell you what, I’ve never boxed before but I can say that spending an hour punching my trainer was freakin’ awesome. I could do it all day long. In fact, if it was legal to punch people willy-nilly, I’m in.

I totally get what The Sahmmy has been talking about.

Now the boy and I are waiting for busy daddy to finish yoga. What should we do today?

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