Had to drop off my niece at swim practice this morning at 4:30 AM, so I decided to squeeze in a quik-e workout at the gym before the Busy-Lazy family bids adieu to Nebraska and heads back home this afternoon. I waited in the car until the gym opened at 5:00 AM.

Even though it’s 20 degrees outside, it doesn’t really feel that cold. I mean, if it was 20 degrees at home, we’d be freezing our asses off, but for some reason it doesn’t seem that bad here.

I kind of jacked up my back at the gym and now I’m sort of regretting going in the first place. Two things: a) I think I wouldn’t resent going to the gym so much if it was only five minutes from my house (like my sister-in-law’s gym is from her house and b) have I mentioned that Midwestern men (in general) are smokin’ hot?

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