Even though we had a late lunch, by our regular dinner time I was starving again, mostly because I barely had any ice cream today. Actually, I did have some Red Mango after lunch, but I’m not sure that counts.

We went to an excellent Korean restaurant for dinner, probably the best Korean joint in Omaha. I don’t say that like how Vietnamese Restaurant is the best Vietnamese restaurant in Omaha. Maru Sushi & Korean Grill is actually really good and highly recommended.

My nephew asked if they had orange chicken. And I said, Up until this afternoon at lunch when your sister asked, I’d never heard of orange chicken before in my life. He said, “It’s really good. And tastes kind of orangey.” I asked, Is it a Chinese dish? He said, “Maybe?” I still have no idea what orange chicken is, but I suspect it’s a “Chinese” dish, not a Chinese dish. Anyone know?

I’m too tired to explain the details of our dinner, but suffice to say, it was really good, so go there the next time you’re in Omaha. We’ll definitely be going back.

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