After breakfast, we watched a bit of the Star Wars marathon on Spike TV. But there’s really only so much bad acting from Hayden Christensen that a person can stomach, especially after a full meal, so we decided to hit Cabela’s.

OK, I’ve never shot a gun in my life and I don’t think I’d ever hunt an animal, but it’s fun to go to Cabela’s to look at the guns and the dead animals. The boy asked me why people like to shoot animals, and I said some people hunt animals for food and sport. The boy said, “But animals are nice. I love animals.” And I said, Well, hunters don’t shoot animals that are your pets. The boy said, “But they are alive and if someone shoots them, then they die. Why do people want to kill animals?” And I said, Ask your daddy.

See what I did there? You know how some dads pawn off hard questions to moms (or vice versa)? It’s the same with me and busy daddy, only the answer is probably going to be the same because, you know, we’re both guys. Funny, right?

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