I was too distracted by stuffing my face with food that I wasn’t really able to take any usable photos of our Thanksgiving feast. Suffice to say, everything was mighty delicious. The meal highlights for me:

  • Aunt Meredith’s green bean casserole and sweet potato un-souffle (my favorite dishes of the afternoon)
  • Aunt Souad’s cranberry sauce with raspberries and orange
  • Uncle Eric’s beef brisket (which we didn’t actually have for tonight’s dinner, but we sneaked a few bites anyway)
  • Busy daddy’s Brussels sprouts (which even people who don’t like Brussels sprouts love)
  • Honey-glazed baked ham (which I think I prefer over turkey)
  • Grandma Melissa’s gravy (because everything is better with gravy)
  • Plus, my gluten-free cornbread stuffing was pretty good, too

Above, a pic of the kid’s table, while we said grace. Only in Nebraska can you say a Thanksgiving prayer and thank the good Lord for family, health, and food, and without missing a beat, ask our Father to see to it that the Huskers win tomorrow’s game against Iowa without even a bit of irony.

How much do I love the Midwest? Lots.

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