Even though I am somewhat perplexed by the ultimate goals of the Occupy Wall Street Movement, I definitely feel as if I’m part of the 99% (because I sure as heck ain’t part of the 1%), so the anarchist in me fully supports the cause … whatever it actually is.

I’m tickled when I see signs of support (like I did today on my walk home from the train station) on the front lawns of my neighbors in my suburban town. I think it’s sweet that people like this want to show their support from the comfort of their high-priced homes, with their Audis and BMWs parked in the driveway, as they commute to their high-paying jobs in the city.

Because even if you are a yuppie—especially if you are a starving-artist-turned-accidental-yuppie like busy daddy and me—who by outward appearances seems to be part of the system and seems to have a degree of privilege, the truth is everyone (including the seemingly privileged who are not part of the 1%) knows that the military-financial-political oligarchy that has ruled our country for so long has fucked things up so badly for our children that a revolution—any revolution—is rightly in order.

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