Busy daddy and designing daddy went to yoga together this morning, so the boy and Eddie K had a quik-e playdate while I cleaned the house. And by cleaning the house, I mean I did six loads of laundry, deep-cleaned the kitchen, and scrubbed the downstairs bathroom. By playdate, I mean the boys played nicely for 10 minutes, then spent the balance of the morning arguing about what games to play, arguing about who gets to go first, asking for random snacks, complaining about each other to me, arguing about what the “correct” armor various Clone Troopers should or should not be wearing, playing nicely for another 10 minutes, arguing the relative merits of Wii versus PlayStation, until finally settling on Super Mario Bros. on the Wii, which apparently is the most neutral game that they both liked and could play together. Anyone need a drink before lunch?

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