In anticipation of the end of daylight savings, I’ve been waking up at weird hours, like 3:30 AM, so the days feel really long. The Busy-Lazy family went to the gym this morning for quik-e workouts before we head Upstate for a wedding this afternoon.

My trainer, Chris G., likes to play mind games, er, word games with me to help pass the time, and today we played a game where I had to answer three questions:

  1. What’s your favorite color and what are the three adjectives that describe why you like that color.
  2. If you could be any animal, what would it be, and what are the three adjectives that describe your reasons why.
  3. There’s a body of water. Describe yourself in relation to that body of water.

Here are my answers:

  1. My favorite color is orange because it’s bright, happy, and unusual.
  2. If I could be any animal, it would be a rhino because it’s big, strong, and gray.
  3. When I think of a body of water, I think of Lake Michigan in the Winter, partially frozen, and I’m standing at the edge of the lake looking at the ice caps.

OK Tumblrinos: why don’t you take a stab at answering the three questions above, and I’ll let you know what it all means. Packing the family into the car now for a long drive.

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