The boy’s school was closed for the past two days, so it was weird to have to get back into the swing of making school lunches this morning. Actually, Thursday and Friday are half days, so this is the only school lunch the boy will have for the entire week.

I almost tossed a fistful of Halloween candy into the boy’s lunchbox and called it lunch, but the specter of child protective services knocking on my door led me to today’s meal: sushi rolls with cheesy broccoli and carrots.

Last night the boy insisted on having carrots in his lunch, so we did a tasting before bedtime and the boy said raw carrots taste like boogers. I told him that I could omit the carrots, but he said he really wanted carrots for lunch because they are his friend Dash’s favorite food item. I told the boy that I would cook the carrots and mix them with broccoli, and top the whole thing with cheese. The boy said, “Everything is better with cheese!” I couldn’t argue with his logic.

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