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OK, so today is the last day of Movember and tomorrow morning I get to shave the 37 whiskers I grew on my face to help raise funds and awareness for men’s health issues. Thanks to designing daddy, electradaddy, kelove, and nikkidoughnuts for their generous donations! And thanks to everyone else for humoring me while I spent a month looking like a Chinky catfish.

Yesterday, my global CEO told me that I was as good at growing a mustache as my worldwide colleague was at growing a beard, which is to say not very. And someone in the finance department said that her team was commenting on the fact that I had the saddest-looking mustache on my office MoBros team. But no matter. Here’s why I played along this year…

You know when you get your annual physical and your doctor asks you about your family medical history? Well, for most of my adult life, I’ve told my doctor that my family medical history includes no cancers of any kind. And my doctor would tell me, “You’re one of the lucky ones.”

But a funny thing happened a few years ago. My dad had a medical issue that looked like cancer. When I asked him how that could happen, since we had no previous medical history of cancer in our family, my dad said, “Oh, we have a whole line of line of cancers in our family, especially in men.”

First, WTF!?! I think it would be useful to know that critical piece of information. And second, Double WTF!?! I now need to approach my own medical care through an entirely different lens.

I’ve always just assumed that cancer was something that happened to other people. And while I’ve always been deeply sympathetic, it’s entirely different when cancer hits you personally. So I’ve been participating in Movember for selfish reasons. Because maybe one day I may have to deal directly with cancer myself. Because maybe my son may have to deal with cancer, too. And I hope that if that day ever comes, there’s financial support and awareness to fight cancers that affect men, and we will kick cancer in the ass.

So that’s why I looked like a silly Chinky all monthlong. There’s still time to donate to the cause:

Even my lunch grew a better mustache than I did for Movember. Sad face. The upside is that my lunch tasted pretty good. The downside is I was picking hair out of my mouth all afternoon.

People are always asking me how I maintain my girlish figure on a mostly ice cream and cake diet. By people, I mean no one. And by girlish figure, I mean the whippet-thin 32-inch waist on my a 4’11” frame*. Here’s my ancient Chinese secret: bulimia.

I’m kidding! I can barely vomit when I actually have to vomit. I can’t imagine making myself vomit on purpose. Here’s the trick: no gluten, consuming as few carbs as possible (and only eating “good” carbs), lots of vegetables, and mostly protein. Plus, at least half a pint of ice cream daily (preferably full-fat gelato) and at least three or four gluten-free cupcakes a week (ideally chocolate with frosting). Then, exercise like a maniac at least four times a week. Sleep at least 8 hours nightly. Stop drinking alcohol and/or smoking anything. And lastly, ignore all of the above and call your parents and thank them or blame them for whatever genetic legacy they have passed down to you.

Easy peasy.

* OK, I’m not really 4’11”, but it’s not as funny if I say 32-inch waist on a 5’6” frame, which let’s face it, is the same as a 42-inch waist on a normal-sized man, amirite or amirite?

Ha! I love the GF1 too! All my tilt-shift stuff from Iraq was shot on a GF1. I’ve been so disappointed that Lumix went a different direction with the GF2 & 3. But they’re back. They’re coming out with a GX-1. It’s a follow-up to the GF1. I don’t know if it has enough difference for me to go for it, but I’m so excited that they’re going to develop a line of cameras based on the GF1 that I’m almost tempted to buy it just to support the idea.

Hi Josh! I totally agree that the GF1 is great, and I’m super-excited about the GX-1. The tilt shift images you made with your GF1 in Iraq are gorgeous. It’s amazing what that little camera can do. I hope the FotoWeek DC show went well!

Are you familiar with the book Just Another War? It documents the first Persian Gulf war and was photographed by my brother-in-law Kenneth Jarecke with text by Exene Cervenka. It’s worth a look-see.

Your Fault Lines reports are incredible, keep up the great work! Sorry to geek out, but I’m totally humbled that you follow this silly blog about my love affair with ice cream and cake.

And then we lost most of our hair. Welcome to my life in 10 years! (H/T mediocremommy)

Yeah, so we gained a little bit of weight over the Thanksgiving holiday, thanks to all of the yummy food we ate in Nebraska. So what, who cares?

I must be out of practice, but I took crappy, unusable photos of the boy’s lunch this morning (which, BTW, was rice with pork gyoza and ramen noodles, at his request), so here’s a photo of the boy with his cousins from Montana: Yasmine, Tala and Zane.

It’s been a long time since the boy has seen his Montana cousins, and he was thrilled to spend some time with them. Last night as he was falling asleep, the boy said, “I’m never going to be like Zane when I grow up.” I asked, Why do you say that? The boy said, “Just because.” I said, I don’t know what you mean. After a long pause, the boy said, “Because Zane is a good boy and I’m not.” And I said, What are you talking about? The boy said, “Nothing.” And I said, Seriously, why would you say that? And the boy said, “Zane is a good boy and I’m not.” And I said, You’re the best boy in the world. And the boy said, “That’s not what people said.” And then he went to sleep.

So then as I was falling asleep, I was thinking, WTF stupid things are people (whoever these people are) saying to my kid that he thinks he’s not a good boy? Pisses me off.

BTW, Zane and his sisters are terrificly nice, well-mannered kids. And I can’t begin to imagine who would be telling my kid that he’s not a good boy.