This weekend was sort of a wash for the Busy-Lazy family. The storm blew in on Saturday and knocked out our power for most of the day, then came back for a few hours today, then went out, and came back. Fingers crossed, but hopefully the power will stay on tonight.

Having no power was strangely empowering. We didn’t have any media distractions and missed whatever hyperventilation there might have been on the news about this freak late-October Nor’easter. We cooked food, played, and I re-made the boy’s Halloween costume. In a weird way, the best part of our media blackout (for me, at least) was my blogging timeout. I actually didn’t miss blogging all that much. Is that bad?

I forgot to mention this: Before the brunt of the storm hit yesterday, I took the boy to a kiddie birthday party. It was one of those highly regimented affairs where there are activities, then pizza, then cake, then done, easy peasy. The party itself was Star Wars-themed, but the activities were “sports” themed. There were a few coaches and one of them gathered the kids and said, “I hope everyone is ready to have fun!” And the boy’s best pal Dash said, “Not me!” To which the boy added, “Me neither!” I know this is terrible for me to say, but I love how bad they were being. Both the boy and Dash just didn’t buy the forced frivolity of it all. Inside I was super-proud of them for being such anti-social anarchists, but of course, I played it like, come on guys, join the party (secretly giving them the thumbs up because they were being obnoxious non-conformists).

Then, after each competitive activity (soccer, relay race, tug of war, some weird cat and mouse chase on a parachute, as pictured above), the coach would say, “Do you know who the winners are? It’s the team that had the most fun! Which means everyone wins!” To which Dash said, “What!?! Clearly, our team won that game!” And the boy chimed in, “These games are lame!” Again, I was publicly mortified, but not-so-secretly I thought, please don’t ever change boys. There will always be winners and losers in life. Learning that now will help you later, trust me.

I already know that I’m going to hell. So what, who cares?

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