Pasta week continues at the Busy-Lazy household. Today’s meal for the boy’s school lunch includes fusilli pasta with Parmesan cream sauce and mushrooms. I was only half-awake this morning when I was boiling the pasta, so I wasn’t keeping track of time. I guesstimated when the noodles were done, so they’re either really al dente or a soggy mess. But no matter: the boy is probably going to pick out and eat the mushrooms only, so it’s really just for display anyway.

It’s picture day for the boy on Friday, and although I originally thought I would volunteer on that day (so that I could observe the insane faces that the boy is inevitably going to make in front of the camera), I have a bunch of meetings at work, so I’m just going to be surprised by what we get. The boy insists on wearing a red shirt because red is his favorite color right now (with blue a close second). I don’t think I have a red shirt for the boy to wear that doesn’t have a superhero or sports logo on it, so I need to pick up a red shirt for him during lunch. There must be a Gap or something near my office, right?

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