Have I mentioned that I have terrible, chronic allergies? Whenever I’ve done those prick tests where the doctor checks to see what I’m allergic to, my results basically come back saying that I’m allergic to nature. I should probably live in an environmentally controlled bubble. I’ve had allergy shots for years, and most of my allergies these days are “under control,” whatever that means. But each night I still have to take a bunch of meds so that I can a) breath and b) function at a reasonably normal level without hacking out a lung.

Turns out my son has almost exactly the same set of allergies that I have. My allergist has said that the boy will probably need to start his own rounds of allergy shots soon. Riddle me this: how does a boy who was born thousands of miles away—to a birthmother I’ve never met—end up with the same inherited maladies that I have? Weird, right?

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