When I was a kid, my grandmother used to collect soaps from all of the hotels that she stayed at and keep them in a drawer. It wasn’t as if she ever planned to use any of them. She just liked to hoard hotel soaps, I guess as a keepsake. She also used to keep gallon jars of mayonnaise under her bed, “just in case.”

Busy daddy was making dinner tonight while I was working on the boy’s Halloween costume, and when I went into the kitchen, there was a huge pile of unopened, unused packets of condiments on the counter. I asked, What’s this? Busy daddy said, “They’re all of the sauces and stuff that you’ve been saving in the kitchen drawer.” I said, Why didn’t you just throw them away? Busy daddy said, “I wanted to ask you first because I know what the Lazy family is like with your stuff.” I said, That’s sweet. And then I threw the packets in the garbage.

You know you’ve married the right person when he knows how deep the streak of crazy runs in your family and he still doesn’t seem to mind all that much. Busy daddy is a keeper!

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