Photographically speaking, Pizza Week at the Busy-Lazy household is kind of a snore. I mean, if you’ve seen one pizza, you’ve pretty much seen them all. For example, today’s pizza for the boy’s lunch is mushrooms and pepperoni. But who would know what it was by looking at it? After awhile, all pizzas start to look the same, kind of like how all Chinkie people look the same. Boo-yah! I kid! I kid because I love!

Process-wise, Pizza Week is actually quite fun. It’s like an episode of Chopped. I’m given a basket of mystery ingredients and I have 20 minutes to make something. The only awkward thing is when I go into my kitchen at 5:00 AM each morning, and find Ted Allen rummaging through my cupboards, while Aaron Sanchez and Alex Guarnaschelli fight over the last piece of organic Speck Americano because you know girlfriend Alex is going to kick Aaron’s ass to get that stuff. AWK-WARD.

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