I don’t know what Arctic tundra I fantasize that I live in, but I completely overdressed this morning. I think the early morning rain and Fall chill threw me off. Now it’s a balmy 72 degrees and I feel like I’m going to croak from heatstroke.

I’ve been on kind of rage lately and I’m sorry to everyone who’s been in my path. I guess there are a bunch of (un-blog-worthy) things going on that are occupying my brainspace these days, so I’ve had kind of a hair-trigger response to everything. At work one of my colleagues asked, “What’s up?” I said, Nothing, why do you ask? My colleague said, “Because you’re being kind of a prick today.” And so I was.

This time next year, we’ll wonder what all the fuss was about. Mark your calendars: October 18, 2012.

Therefore, to inject some levity back to this silly blog, here’s what I’m wearing today: bulky blue sweater by Jack Spade; white oxford shirt by Brooks Brothers; silk foulard tie by Brooks Brothers; black jeans by Levi’s; brogue oxford shoes by Rockport; double chin courtesy of mother nature and too many cupcakes; listening to “Apartment Song” by Possum Dixon.

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