OK, here’s my day so far: checked e-mail, had a conference call with a client, had a quik-e morning meeting with my Global CEO, checked more e-mail, wrote and sent some e-mail, had an accidental hallway meeting with a colleague, filed my TPS reports, edited some stuff, showed the President some PowerPoint slides for approval, immediately regretted opening up the PowerPoint can of worms, had a quik-e lunch meeting with a colleague from a competing agency (who shared a ton of juicy industry gossip), dropped off my dry cleaning, checked e-mail, revised my previous TPS reports, asked a colleague why his TPS reports were incomplete (and threatened to redo them), checked e-mail, had a quick-e call with a New York Times reporter, rebooted my computer, aimlessly roamed the halls looking for answers, set up a few meetings for later in the week, had a quik-e meeting with my USA CEO, drafted more TPS reports, had an ugly cry in the men’s room (with the door closed, natch), reconsidered the reasons why, daydreamed about chocolate cake, had a call with someone who wanted something from me (I nicely declined), avoided checking voice mail (two weeks running now!), hid my red Swingline stapler in a locked drawer, and now I’m just waiting for my 3:00 PM meeting (which is already 25 minute late).

How has your day been so far?

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