Yesterday, the boy told me that the lunch monitor said that his bento box was too hard to open and she recommended that the boy tell me to use a different container for his lunch. I realize that back when I was using an insulated Thermos to pack the boy’s lunch, I might have been a bit overly cautious and ended up screwing the lid too tight. But I call bullshit on the difficulty of opening the container that I’ve been putting the boy’s lunch in, which is a bento box that has two snap-locks on the side that seal the food in the box. Even a very lazy dog could open this thing.

I can only discern from her comment that the lunch monitor lady is either an idiot or a racist (or both) because she’s looking at the bento box and thinking, “Why do those Chinkies always have to make lunch into a math problem! Darned Chinkies!” But whatevs.

For the boy’s lunch today, I made pork shumai with sauteed chicken and mushrooms over rice. As the boy was falling asleep last night, I told him what I planned for his lunch today and he said, “Yum! Except for the shumai. And the chicken. And the mushrooms. The rice is awesome!” Basically, the boy just wanted a bento box filled with white rice. Oh well.

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