It’s my baby sister’s birthday today. Like my baby brother, my sister is no longer a baby. I think when you come from a large family where there’s a big difference in age, it’s easy to fall into the birth-order roles that you had a a kid, even as adults. I’m lucky because I got to see my sister when she was a wee little girl, as well as see her grow up to be an amazing adult. We don’t get to see her often, but we think about her often and miss her terribly.

Here’s a fun fact about the boy’s lazy auntie. When she was a kid, she would let me and our older sisters dress her up and take silly photographs of her. Pictured above, my sister wearing this crazy dress that had a dickie that was basically a polka-dot bib. She used to wear that bib with other outfits just for fun, I think until she was in high school, no lie. It was very avant garde for the po-dunk town where she grew up.

Happy birthday J! Hope you’re having a great day!

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